Is this the most democratic home in the world? Take a look at the Swedish house designed by two million people

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  • Created from the most popular aesthetics of the Swedish public, could this be your perfect home?

    Imagine a house that is exactly what you’re looking for. From sleek laminate flooring to stone worktops, every part of this property has been designed by consensus with 2 million people involved in gathering data to make their perfect home.

    The House of Clicks is a property designed after 2 million home lovers waded through 86,000 listings on Swedish website Hemnet House to provide data on their perfect home.

    Two Swedish architects, Tham & Videgård, gathered data from the amount of clicks on each house on the website and interpreted it into a list of requirements which resulted in the creation of a floor plan for the ideal home.

    From the outside the property appears as a rich red wood-panelled home. The deep red shade used on the exterior woodwork is similar to the colour of Swedish barns and cottages.

    However, inside the home has a different feel altogether. Large, open plan, white painted rooms allow for a bright interior which is spacious and much more modern in contrast to the rural exterior. The white walls are coordinated with black and grey sofa and accessories. Laminate flooring is present throughout the house creating a clean, modern style popular in Scandi decorating. Large windows have also been added to enhance the lightness of the house to give it an airy, contemporary feel.

    The data revealed the monochrome scheme was most popular with Swedes, as the gray sofas, dark wood chairs and stone worktops were seen as essential to create the perfect balance between stylish and homely.

    Upon looking at the layout, the house features the kitchen and living room adjacent, which makes the home feel more inviting and great for entertaining.

    In total, the House of Clicks features four rooms spread across 1,115 square feet with an estimated listing price of around 2.8 million krona, or roughly £220,000. At a reasonable price, it would be unsurprising that the House of Clicks could become the start of a new trend in home design.

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