5 lovely things to do in the country in March

Spring is the air! Set aside time to enjoy something wonderfully seasonal this month…

1. Join a country garden share scheme

Short on planting space? Meet local landowners willing to share their
gardens in exchange for a green-fingered helping hand – and perhaps a fresh carrot or two! Local garden share websites, such as this one for gardeners in Totnes, bring together would-be growers with those who have land to spare.

plants and house in the garden with leaves wall

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2.Clear away the cobwebs

It's spring-cleaning time! Forget chemical laden products – natural solutions are just as effective. Did you know that the cooking water of peeled potatoes is perfect for shining silver cutlery? Or that mayonnaise can be used to buff wooden furniture? Forgotten Ways for Modern Days (£14.99, Kyle Books) by Rachelle Blondel is packed with traditional tips and tricks to keep your home spick and span.

white door bucket table with cleaning essentials

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3. Love seasonal produce

Enjoy a quarterly delivery of products handmade using organic ingredients harvested at Trill Farm in Devon. The Spring box costs £85 and is packed with goodies – exact contents are a surprise, but might include herbal tea, vinegars, cordials, herb-infused beauty products and much more!

women with winter clothes and jeans with basket juice bottle and spring tea powder

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4. Say it with flowers

Herbs and flowers convey secretly held sentiments, from love and happiness to mistrust. Since the 1400s people have made and gifted posies
(called tussie-mussies). To make one yourself, choose a symbolic flower for the centre, surround with sprigs of herbs and tie with twine.

blur background with flower and thread

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5. Reconnect with nature

‘Put down your devices and connect a little with nature' is the philosophy behind 365 Nature by Anna Carlile (£25, Hardie Grant Books) – a stunning coffee table book that's packed with craft projects, recipes and activities inspired by the great outdoors.
Featuring easy-to-follow steps and beautiful photography, chapters are organised by season – try sprouting your own seeds or weaving a willow wreath this spring!

flower with root scissor and thread spools with white background

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