Nine lighting solutions for tricky spaces

Have a light-bulb moment! Highlighting the lovable quirks of a country home with beautiful lighting is all that’s needed to turn them to advantage.

Inspirational lighting shows off any room to advantage and it can also be used to deflect from problem areas. If the ceiling slopes, is a tad too low, or the bathroom window is small, look to statement light fittings for solutions that will add drama to a room at the same time. For maximum impact, seek out the latest industrial-influenced or organically shaped pendant, opt for cluster lights or put up a neat row of coolie shades. When planning a lighting scheme, thinking in layers works best; a combination of background, task and accent lighting, on dimmers and linked by a programmable circuit which allows you to change the mood and atmosphere with a tap of a wall panel or swipe of your smartphone.

Create atmosphere with dramatic pendants
Glamorous in their own right, these shimmering gold-lined pendants draw the eye towards an impressive painted mural, which in turn highlights the sloping ceiling. The contrast between the black exterior of the shade and the lit interior adds to the drama.

room with brown tree designed roof wall and ceiling lamps

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Table lamp tricks
Take a leaf from interior designers, choosing generously sized candlestick lamps for maximum impact, and arranging them in formal symmetry. It's a tight squeeze beneath the slope of the ceiling, but these two look perfectly at home among the beams.

bedroom with wooden frame white wall and white bed with cushions

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In the spotlight
Beautiful beams are the real heart of this country kitchen, and they're the perfect support for rows of spotlights. Unlike a central light fitting, spotlights can be angled to direct light just where it's needed, onto preparation areas, the two hobs and the sink.

white kitchen with wooden beams on ceiling and lights on it

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Choose flexible pendant lights
Draw attention to a dining table with a pair of country-favourite pendant lights. Fitted with a rise and fall mechanism, they raise or lower for bright breakfasts or intimate dinners, their adaptability making them suitable for high and low ceilings alike.

dining area with pendant light over wooden dining table

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Bedside wall lights
All the essentials for a classic country bedroom are here, with an added metallic gleam from the wall lights. Set against a painted, panelled wall, each with a discreet switch beneath, the lamps highlight the bed, while recessed spotlights provide overall lighting.

bedroom with grey wall bedside metallic wall and lamps

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Practical bathroom lighting
Layering lighting from more than one source is a plus for practicality and ambiance. Two ceiling fittings of adjustable spotlights and lighting around the mirror do a great job for a bathroom that otherwise relies on limited daylight from a small window set into the slope of the roof.

bathroom with sloping roof bathtub yellow lights and wooden flooring

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Room for reading
It's the cosiest way to sleep, but this boxed-in arrangement doesn't leave much leeway for lighting. In keeping with the pared-back scheme, this flexible light in a minimalist design can twist and turn to the perfect angle to aid your bedtime reading.

bedroom with white wall white bed with white and yellow cushions

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Loft bedroom chandelier
Limited loft-room space doesn't mean you can't add a twinkle to a bedroom ceiling. This chandelier comes complete with curls, beads and light-catching droplets, all packaged up in a narrow design that won't interfere with the curtains.

bedroom with curtains white bed designed wall and chandelier

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Classic bathroom lighting
There's just enough space below the slope of the ceiling for a charming pair of classic wall lights. Before falling in love with a particular fitting take care to check the IP rating, which lets you know how close it can be used to water; some fittings with exposed bulbs are unsuitable.

bathroom with pink wall white cabinets and wall lamps

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