See why this DIY fan reached for a potato rather than a paint brush to decorate

Bespoke design proves there's more to spuds than just carbs...
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  • Potato printing is not just for kids! This savvy homeowner raids the food supplies and uses leftover paint to create a totally bespoke, budget-friendly potato print feature wall.

    Katherine Norman, from London, has shared her artistic flair with Ideal Home to inspire others to think outside the box when it comes to DIY and decorating.

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    ‘I wanted to add something to my bedroom that would make the plain white walls look a bit more interesting’ Katherine explains.

    ‘The other rooms in my flat are black and white so wanted to carry those colours into the bedroom.’

    Free decorating idea: Potato printing with leftover paint

    Potato printing

    Image credit: Katherine Norman

    Katherine decided on adding assorted sized black dots, to just one wall to create a statement polka dot effect. So how did she get around to reaching for a potato rather than a paint brush?

    ‘I thought about using stencils or stickers but they was a little pricey so I thought of a cheaper way to do it,’ she explains. ‘I had some leftover black Dulux paint’ from another decorating project. And some potatoes in the kitchen presumably.

    ‘I cut a handful of small new potatoes in half, a selection of different sizes.’ Pouring a little paint onto the paint lid, Katherine simply dipped the potato and started printing on to the bedroom walls.

    White wall before

    Image credit: Katherine Norman

    ‘Make sure there is no excess dripping off, then press onto the surface’ Katherine advises. Going on to offer another top tip, ‘I had a practice run on a piece of card first, which I would def recommend to do!’.

    Potato print bedroom wall

    potato printing a feature wall

    Image credit: Katherine Norman

    What a great way to make a statement with paint! ‘I’m so pleased with the end result…a cheap an easy way to create a statement wall’ Katherine exclaims.

    Polka dots walls are having a real moment, as DIY fans are getting creative with painting methods. Whether that’s exploring new ways, like this potato printing hack, or simply using up spare tester pots – statement spotted walls are trending!

    We’re big fans of using ingenious ways to make an impressive in interiors, without having to overspend on the budget to do so.

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