DIY fans get creative with feature walls – thanks to this £6 must-have

Feature walls have never looked so good

With a steady hand and a bit of patience, plain walls can be transformed into captivating feature walls.

You've only got to browse Pinterest and Instagram to see just how creative homeowners are becoming with painting feature walls. Armed with paint and the £6 secret weapon every keen DIY fan knows about – FrogTape!

The growing popularity of geometric walls and mountain-style murals are all made possible because of this easy-to-use tape.

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But just why is it so good? 'It delivers lovely straight lines, so works really well for box shapes and geometric patterns' explains Jason Burns, spokesperson for FrogTape UK. You simply tape the areas you want to protect, and paint the rest.

All you need is some paint and roll of tape, and a little bit of inspiration...

Striking! And the possibilities are endless, if you know how.

How to use FrogTape: Top tips

prep for painting wall with frog tape

(Image credit: FrogTape)

Jason goes on to tell Ideal Home, 'The key is to make sure your surface is really clean and to plan out your design first.' He offers his top tips to help perfect your feature wall

Tip 1. 'Prep the wall ready to paint by cleaning thoroughly first. If needed, use a paint stripper to remove any old finishes/paint.'

Tip 2. ‘Scuff’ any wood in the direction of the grain to dull the shine from old finishes ready to paint over. Wipe the dust away with a tack cloth.'

Tip 3. 'Plan out your design on the floor or a piece of paper first.'

painting on wall with frog tape

(Image credit: FrogTape)

Tip 4. 'Create your design on the wall using FrogTape Delicate Surface Painter’s Masking Tape. Make sure to rub the tape down well to get a good seal – it goes more opaque as you do. The Delicate surface tape is more gentle to unfinished wood surfaces, FrogTape MultiSurface works well on walls.'

He adds, 'Tape can be cut carefully into thinner stripes to make narrower strips using a cutting mat, safety ruler and craft knife.'

Tip 5. 'Paint in the shapes using a flat, soft synthetic brush. Add one to two coats more until the full colour is reached.'

living room with piano and ladder

(Image credit: FrogTape)

Tip 6. 'Remove the tape slowly and steadily, pulling back on itself.'

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FrogTape feature wall ideas

Here a playful geometric pattern helps to zone a kids play area. A brilliant use of clever paint effects.

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Clean straight lines, enabled by the precision of using FrogTape, make this striking wall an absolute triumph.

Rolling hills and mountains are becoming more and more popular by the day – especially in kids rooms.

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Block colour patterns are less intricate but just as effective for feature walls – as this example proves.

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Are you already a fan of this ingenious tape?


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