The best radiator covers – for disguising your heating in style

Conceal an unsightly radiator with our best radiator covers. Whether you want a modern, cheap or adjustable option, we have it – ahem – covered!
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  • On the hunt for the best radiator cover around? While radiators serve a highly practical purpose, they can often present a design challenge. Whether it’s an unsightly panel radiator you would like to hide, or you want to make the most of the space above said radiator, a radiator cover is a smart buy. Radiator covers don’t just disguise your radiator behind bars (in some cases, we mean this literally!) but they can provide an extra shelf for placing anything from a photo frame to a lovely scented candle or a leaning mirror. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get this essential feature of the modern home to blend in with the rest of your decorating scheme, clearly.

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    Radiator covers aren’t just all about looks as they can be extremely practical, too. They hide intrusive, unsightly radiators and protect children from burning their little fingers. The majority of shop-bought radiators are made of MDF, hence why they are usually easy on the wallet, and they are easy to assemble. They also require wall mounting to make them safe to use around children and pets. All of the radiator covers on this list have legs that bend around high skirting or pipes, too, for ease of placing.

    There’s a radiator cover to suit every style of home below, as we’ve included everything from the best small radiator cover, to a black radiator cover and even an adjustable radiator cover.

    The best radiator covers

    1. Chelsea Radiator Cover White Small

    Best small radiator cover

    Chelsea Radiator Cover, white, small, on dark blue wall with vases and print on top

    Image credit: Robert Dyas/Mano Mano

    Rated our best small radiator cover to buy, especially if you are on a budget, the Chelsea radiator cover boasts a modern design to upgrade your home in an instant. With slatted vertical grills, it still manages to let the radiator do its job, all while hiding it from the eyes of your guests. It even fits around high skirting. Made from MDF, this small radiator cover is strong and durable, so that you can display anything from candles to photo frames and even stack your favourite books atop of it.

    External dimensions: H82cm  x W78cm x D19cm

    Fits radiators up to: H80cm x W68cm x D16cm

    Buy now: Chelsea Radiator Cover White Small, £36.99, Robert Dyas

    2. Mayfair Mini White Radiator cover

    Best B&Q radiator cover

    Mayfair Mini White Radiator cover inside bright home with wall prints hung above, vases and lamp on top

    Image credit: B&Q

    The Mayfair Mini is rated B&Q’s best radiator cover you can buy. With 120 plus positive reviews, it gets top marks all around – even from us. It’s ideal for teeny spaces, whether that be a hallway or a kids’ bedroom, while it boasts a tight lattice design to let out the heat from your radiator. Similar to most other radiator covers, this one from B&Q is made of MDF and it’s white in colour. It has a shelf for displaying your things – whether that be a mirror, some wall art or your favourite home fragrance. A space-savvy addition to a smaller room, this radiator cover can act as an extra surface 0r leaning place, all while being slim enough for people to squeeze past. It also comes in three other sizes including medium and large.

    External dimensions: H81.5cm x W78cm x D19cm

    Fits radiators up to: H77.5cm x W69.5cm x D13.5cm

    Buy now: Mayfair Mini White Radiator cover, £62, B&Q

    3. Vida Designs Arlington Radiator Cover Grey

    Best grey radiator cover

    Vida Designs Arlington Radiator Cover Grey in green living room beside plant with books and mirror atop

    Image credit: Vida designs

    In search of a grey radiator cover? This is our top pick – and it’s loved by Amazon reviewers far and wide. Ideal for grey coloured homes, or if you want to inject a small amount of grey into your home without painting your walls, this radiator cover is made of MDF with a matte finish. It boasts a vertical slat grill pattern design to make it an easy addition to any modern home. With an oak shelf for displaying things atop or using as a ledge for leaning items, this radiator cover is sleek and stylish. It comes in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

    External dimensions: H81cm x W78cm x D19cm

    Fits radiators up to:  H80cm x W68cm x D16cm

    Buy now: Vida Designs Arlington Radiator Cover Grey, from £38.95, Amazon

    4. Habitat Odell Small Radiator Cover

    Best Argos radiator cover

    Habitat Odell Small Radiator Cover

    Image credit: Habitat

    We consider, and reviewers consider, the Habitat Odell Small Radiator Cover as the best Argos radiator cover out there. Yes, Argos own Habitat so this radiator cover will be delivered by Argos – or you can click and collect it from a local store. With almost 400 reviews, it’s loved by customers for being fantastic quality, and an easy way to disguise an otherwise eyesore radiator. It boasts a tight lattice design to let heat escape from your radiator in style. It has an MDF construction and a white painted finish. With a shelf for storage purposes, it will fit the majority of single or double radiator depths.

    External dimensions: H81.5cm x W101.5cm x D19cm

    Fits radiators up to: H77.5cm x W92.4cm x D13.5cm

    Buy now: Habitat Odell Small Radiator Cover, £75, Argos

    4. Belfry Heating Jamison Medium Radiator Cover

    Best modern radiator cover

    Belfry Heating Jamison Medium Radiator Cover

    Image credit: Belfry Heating

    This Wayfair find is rated the best modern radiator cover out there. Why? Its horizontal slatted design will blend in with your modern home with no problem. It’s sleek with thick slats and wide spaces to allow for more heat to escape, while it has a white finish so as not to stick out like a sore thumb in your home. Boasting an MDF construction, this radiator cover is said to be easy to put together.

    External dimensions: H80.3cm x W106.8cm x D16.8cm


    Buy now: Belfry Heating Jamison Medium Radiator Cover, £43.75, Wayfair

    5. Kingwudo® Wooden High Gloss Radiator Cover

    Best black radiator cover

    Kingwudo® Wooden High Gloss Radiator Cover in white room with all art, floor lamp and plant

    Image credit: Kingwudo

    In search of a black radiator cover? This one we spotted at Amazon boasts a high gloss black finish – to add some elegance to your home. This black radiator cover would also be great if you want to spruce up a plain white wall. It’s made of MDF while it boasts a modern, horizontal slatted design to make it look twice its price tag. It comes in four sizes from small to extra large.

    External dimensions: L78cm x W19cm x H82cm

    Fits radiators up to: L73cm x W16.5cm x H80cm

    Buy now: Kingwudo® Wooden High Gloss Radiator Cover, £38.99, Amazon

    6. Habitat Winterfold Large Radiator Cover

    Best large radiator cover

    Habitat Winterfold Large Radiator Cover

    Image credit: Habitat

    Need to cover up an unsightly radiator, fast? This beauty can be ordered for same-day delivery, or you can collect it straight away from your local Argos store. It’s also pretty sizeable at 150cm wide, so it ought to fit a large radiator you are desperate to cover up and adamant that you don’t want to paint. With three lattice window panels, it ought to make a statement whether placed in a hallway, dining room or living room – or even a bedroom. It’s also painted white to make it blend in with your bright home. Apparently, the shelf on the top ‘makes a good cat perch’, as well as protection for the kids and a place to leave your keys. It’s made of MDF making it nice and lightweight as well as sturdy.

    Fits radiators up to: H77.5cm x W141.5cm x D13.5mm

    External dimensions: H81.5cm x W150cm x D19cm

    Buy now: Habitat Winterfold Large Radiator Cover – White, £100, Argos

    7. B&Q Mayfair White Adjustable Radiator Cover

    Best adjustable radiator cover


    Measuring up shouldn’t be an issue if you follow our tips below. But, if you’re in a tizzy and worried you might get it wrong, this cabinet is worth buying. It adjusts in width to provide a custom-made fit and clips together in minutes, so you don’t need to be dead on to get a great fit. If the design isn’t 100 per cent to your taste, B&Q does have other adjustable options, but we like this one for its clean, classic lines and unfussy fretwork. It’s also a great pick for covering larger radiators.

    Fits radiators up to: H860mm x W1345-1915mm x D137mm

    External dimensions: H915mm x W1430-2000mm x D215m

    Buy now: Mayfair adjustable medium/large white-painted radiator cover, £112, B&Q

    How to buy the best radiator cover


    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Radiator covers are usually fronted with a mesh of latticework. This allows the heat radiated to circulate effectively. The design you choose should complement the existing period and architectural details of the room for a cohesive look – you don’t want your covers to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

    There are three main types of radiator covers to choose from, covering all budgets:

    Bespoke radiator covers

    For a bespoke model, with your own grille pattern, colour and finish, source a local carpenter or cabinet makers via Rated People or through a friend’s recommendation. They are likely to use a lazer-cutting technique – this allows you to choose your own design, whether it’s geometric, ornate or something utterly unique, like a bird theme. Expect to pay from £400. See below to enquire at a few of our top-recommended places.

    Enquire online: Cool Radiators Covered

    Enquire online: Kingston Cabinets

    Made-to-measure radiator covers

    Take this option and you can choose a design, which will then be built from scratch to accommodate your specific radiator. It’s the way to go if you want something reasonable standard, looks-wise, but don’t necessarily have a standard-sized radiator or space.

    Off-the-peg radiator covers

    The most affordable option is to buy ready-made covers from the likes of Argos or B&Q – such as the ones we have listed above. As well as disguising a less-than-beautiful radiator, they also double up as useful shelving where you can display decorations or keep your keys or post to hand. They usually come in a choice of standard sizes, which will match up to newer panels.

    How to measure for a radiator cover

    First, measure the length of your radiator. Don’t just measure the panel – measure to the outside edge of any pipes and valves, and then add two cms on each side for clearance.

    Next measure the height from the floor to the top of the panel, again then adding 25mms to allow for air circulation. Lastly, measure the depth from the front of your radiator to the wall behind and again add 25mm.

    How to fit a radiator cover


    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Unpack the radiator cabinet (assuming it’s a flat-packed design) and lay out the pieces on the floor so you see what you’re working with. Follow the manufacturer’s assembly instructions, using a drill driver to put it together.

    The cabinet can be left freestanding but it’s much safer to fix it to the wall with the brackets provided. In fact, it’s a must if you have children. Before you screw the brackets into the wall, use a detector to check for any wires or pipes.

    If you’re painting the cabinet, it’s easier to do this before fixing it properly to the wall. Use a small paintbrush to make sure you get into every nook and cranny of the cut-out fretwork and edges.

    Can I use a radiator cover with a storage heater?

    No, you should never use radiator cabinets with storage heaters – their high heat output makes them a fire hazard.

    What heat loss can expect from a radiator cover?

    As long as your radiator cabinet is the right size and positioned correctly, the heat loss experienced should be less than 10 per cent.

    Are there any others ways to disguise a radiator?

    A quick, low-cost way to disguise an ugly radiator is to paint it in the same colour as the wall behind it.

    More top tips: How to bleed a radiator – our step-by-step guide


    Image credit: James French

    Make sure your radiator is clean before you start, so that you get a smooth finish – our guide to how to clean a radiator can help with this.

    Use a metal primer first, then cover with solvent-based paint. Once it has been painted, allow it to fully dry before you turn the radiator back on. Wilko sells a selection of specialist radiator paints.

    Click to shop Wilko radiator paints.

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