9 signs you’re a clean freak

There’s being neat and tidy, and then there’s stockpiling cleaning wipes...

1 Spring is your favourite season
The one time of the year you can choose cleaning over a social event and no one thinks it’s weird. “This weekend? Can’t make it, I’m spring-cleaning.”

2 You can never have too many cleaning products
Whether it’s mud, grass or a red wine catastrophe, you’ve got stain removers to cover every crisis, as well as a box of general supplies for each separate room; “multipurpose kitchen AND bathroom cleaner… are you crazy?”

3 Stubborn stains aren’t a nuisance – they’re a challenge
A spillage doesn’t fill you with dread, quite the opposite in fact.
It’s an excuse to trawl through cleaning forums, learn new tricks, and perhaps invest in a new cleaning product or two.

4 Nothing makes you happier than sparkling worktops
Yes, keeping a stockpile of Flash Wipes is expensive, but those gleaming surfaces are worth every penny.

5 You can’t sit down to dinner before the washing up is done
Crusty, dried-on food is your nemesis. How can anyone expect to relax when there are dirty pots and pans on the side, they must be rinsed immediately!

6 You don’t let anyone help
What’s the point? You’d only have to do it again afterwards. No one can reach right into the corners quite like you can.

7 Out of sight is NOT out of mind
Just because the door is closed doesn’t mean you can forget about the mess behind it. You know it’s there, taunting you…

8 A trip to Ikea is a weekend highlight
Drawer dividers, shoe hangers, under bed boxes… so many organising opportunities it’s enough to make your head spin.

9 Your idea of an amazing present is a new Dyson
It’s the latest in vacuum cleaner technology, not to mention it gives the carpet those neat ‘just-hoovered’
stripes – what’s not to love?

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