Stunning succulent and cactus displays to prickle your fancy

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  • Plants this sharp deserve respect: satisfy your cactus crush with super-chic ways to display ever popular, sun-loving succulents

    Let’s get to the point: cacti and succulents are fast becoming the favourite indoor plant of the interiors world right now.

    From mini Aeonium succulents to large sculptural Saguaro cactus there are many ways to make the most of the versatile and hardy plants. Take a look at these stylish ideas to display cacti and succulent plants in your your home.

    Go big

    Like the noonday sun, a hot orange sofa pierces through this landscape of stunning sculptural cacti set at different levels and is complemented by natural Mexican-style textiles and desert-inspired fabrics. The huge plants ooze character and personality and bring life to other inanimate objects in the room. Believe it or not, all of these plants are faux. Check out Abigail Ahern for similar.

    Go small

    The varieties of these spiky specimens are enormous and they can make just as strong a statement as miniature heroes too. These three tiny accessories will bring a sense of humour, colour and joy to a shelf.

    Team with metallics

    For super luxe looks display succulents and mini cacti in shimmering metallic and glass terrariums or gold shelves.The finished look is glamorous and totally tropical. Find similar terrariums at Oliver Bonas.

    Start a scheme

    Incorporate your cactus into a scheme by using it as your starting colour point. Terrariums and glass domes are a great way to make smaller plants a big feature. Finish the look with strong green walls and botanical prints.

    Let it all hang out

    These terracotta pots in hanging copper terrariums look hip and glorious in contrast to the swirling emerald wallpaper background.

    Keep it casual

    Turn a vintage kitchen trolley into a moveable living display of colourful plants for a striking look. Keep it versatile with various exotic shapes and shades. A bromeliad with its vibrant pink foliage looks fabulous thrown into the mix.

    Create an indoor garden

    Tiny glass cloches will sit snuggly over tiny pots of delightful cacti and succulents and look wonderfully dainty. Make an attractive and simple display by grouping an odd number of glass cloches together. Make sure the plants don’t dry out in their mini greenhouse environments.

    Add to a table display

    Make a pretty botanical dinner table display with various small cacti and succulents housed in terrariums and bell jars, then continue the theme on your tableware with leaf print china and plain white plates.

    Be crafty

    Create your own terrarium by giving simple storage jars a brand new look. Fill with sand and pebbles, add low-maintenance plants, such as succulents, and pop the lid back on – oh so simple! Unscrew the lid every few days to prevent condensation and allow the plants to breathe.

    Check out our Craft Corner video How to make a make a Mason jar terrarium. Love the great indoors? Here are 7 cool ways to style indoor plants.

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