Discover the most stylish door furniture around

Our selection of the best designs for well-dressed doors

Stylish door knobs on blue triangular background

(Image credit: Future PLC/Ana Wawrzkowicz)

A great way to spruce up a plain or tired-looking door, cupboard or drawer is with a fabulous piece of door furniture. From classically designed doorknobs and antique-looking escutcheons to contemporary push plates and quirky handles, there's a huge selection available. We've picked a few of our favourites.

Beehive copper and wooden twister door lever door knobs

(Image credit: Future PLC/Ana Wawrzkowicz)

Left: This beehive escutcheon from Holloways of Ludlow is a copy of an original, antique design. Shown here in unlacquered brass, it will tarnish with age for an authentic look.

Right: The classic look of this goose-neck twister door lever from Turnstyle Designs gives it an elegant appearance and would be the perfect finishing touch for a traditional room scheme.

Antique simple brass doorknobs with a light blue background

(Image credit: Future PLC/Ana Wawrzkowicz)

Top: This beautiful piece from Willow & Stone is an exact replica of an antique doorknob from a house in Edinburgh. It has a simple ebonised bun shape with pretty petal-edged brass backplates.

Left: Classic design never goes out of style, like this simple brass doorknob. For similar, try Collier Webb.

Right: Add personality with the Kalahari DK 5910 door handle from SA Baxter. Part of the Artisan Series, the handle is designed by David Scott, who blends the timeless elegance of the past with the functionally of the present.

Engraved copper patterned doorknobs one with a keyhole on a triangular blue background

(Image credit: Future PLC/Ana Wawrzkowicz)

Left: If you are looking for door furniture in brass with intricate detail, try The Beardmore Collection for something like this engraved doorknob.

Right: Continuing the theme of brass, this Saint Pancras escutcheon keyhole cover from Jane Knapp is a delightful replica of a Victorian design.

Various door handles on a light blue glass hexagon

(Image credit: Future PLC/Ana Wawrzkowicz)

Clockwise from top left:

For a contemporary look, choose this tactile, darkly patinated antique bronze lever handle in contrasting leather textures, from Haute Déco.

Bring the outdoors in with Twig by Philip Watts Design. Designed for internal doors, it is shown here cast in solid bronze with an aged finish.

Looking for something different for a swing door? Consider a push plate instead of a handle. Try The Nanz Company for similar models to this distinctive hexagon design.

Série Rare has a wide range of more than 1,200 artful pieces of door furniture, including this Place Vendome door handle.

A minimalist, contemporary design, the Spahn large door pull from Holland & Sherry has a sleek look.

This Link design by Collier Webb is a smart alternative to traditional wooden doorknobs and can be made with a fixed or turning handle.

For a traditional wooden door, choose the Chester handle with Bristol keyhole backplate, which is hand-forged and comes fully sprung with backplates and spindle, from Jim Lawrence.

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