7 of the best apps for country dwellers

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  • Phones at the ready! Get closer to nature with these must-have apps for walkers, wildlife spotters and country folk alike…

    1. Be a cloud gazer
    Is it a dog? Is it a rabbit? Cloud watching is a relaxing pastime for lazy warm days. Download the CloudSpotter app, £2.49, Cloud Appreciation Ltd, to discover beautiful imagery and explanations of 40 cloud species and light phenomena, from rainbows to the rare asperitas – said to resemble upside-down mountains.

    2. Find a favourite plant
    Seen a country plant you’d love in your garden? Download free app PlantSnapp and send a photo to horticultural experts who’ll identify it, as well as provide clear and detailed guidance on how to grow it yourself.

    3. Know your beasties
    Learn more about flying insects with the
    Dragonflies & Damselflies of Britain & Ireland app, £9.99, NatureGuides. This comprehensive field guide covers all 46 species for easy identification.

    4. Explore secret shores
    Download the Hidden Beaches app onto your iPhone or iPad, £4.99, Wild Swimming, to discover Britain’s most beautiful coastal spots, from shell-white sandy bays and smugglers’ coves to welcoming seaside cafés.

    5. Kick up leaves
    Found a lovely leaf? Download the Leafsnap
    app, free, Natural History Museum, and share a picture to discover which tree it belongs to. Learn all about our native species with mini fact files and browse over 2,000 beautiful images of fruits, flowers, seeds and more.

    6. Walk to unwind
    Make country strolls even more relaxing with the Walking Meditations app, £1.49, Apple and Android. Choose from three short tracks and practice mindfulness and reconnecting with yourself as well as your scenic surroundings.

    7. Let nature be your larder
    No such thing as a free lunch? Think again!
    Download The Forager’s Apprentice, 69p – an app designed to inform and inspire you on how to make the most of nature’s bounty.

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