Things to do during the FA Cup final besides watch it

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  • It's a big day for sports fans this weekend, but not everyone likes football. Check out our favourite creative ways to fill 90 minutes that you just might find more interesting

    Crystal Palace take on Manchester United on Saturday 21 May for the English FA Cup Final at Wembley and, if that’s not enough TV sports coverage to make your eyes glaze over, Rangers are playing Hibernian at Hampden Park for the Scottish Cup FA Cup final too!

    But, before you cut the electricity and hide the TV remote control we’ve got some other creative and productive ways to fill 90 minutes that we think just might be a better use of time than watching a sport you care zero percent about.

    Try a new recipe

    While the rest of your crew are squashed on to the sofa make the most of having the kitchen to yourself and try out that latest Mary Berry ‘Show Stopper’, a delicious dish from our friends at Goodtoknow or, even better, become a 5-star domestic goddess by making a batch of homemade jam. You can play this one to your advantage and go top of the league by sharing your culinary delights post-match – or be totally selfish and devour your treats before the game has even finished. The choice is yours…

    Love your garden

    A seasoned gardener knows her work is never done when it comes to keeping the outdoor space looking its best – and plenty can be achieved before the final whistle. Don your gloves and prune that privet, feed your evergreens or enhance your kerb appeal with a pretty new hanging basket.

    Make an envelope cushion

    Get productive with your sewing machine and start and finish a project in match time. A simple sewing project is just the ticket to get a sense of self-satisfaction. An envelope cushion is quick and easy and one can never have too many cushions. We have a wealth of ideas in our craft channel that will get your creative juices flowing or check out our Craft Corner videos for dozens of ideas you can watch, crafting along as you go.

    Clean your windows

    OK, some might rather watch the match than carry out this task, but just think how smug you will feel once the job is done and you can see the light pour in through your streak-free windows. And, guess what, we’ve got top tips for cleaning windows to make your glass sparkle and achieve your goal (ahem, sorry).

    Upcycle a piece of furniture or homeware

    It’s well known we are a nation of footy fans (well maybe not if you are reading this), but did you know we are also a nation of upcycling and recycling fans too? Join the thrifty gang by completing a quick project yourself. There are so many upcycling ideas to try out and so much can be done with 90 minutes, a can of spray paint and a staple gun. Head down to your local recycling centre, car-boot sale or charity shop to find a tired chair or unloved teapot that could be given a whole new lease of life.

    Paint a fence

    This takes the saying ‘you’d rather watch paint dry’ quite literally! Garden fencing is an area of your outdoor space that can sometimes get overlooked, but a good lick of paint will not only protect the timber but can totally transform the look and feel of your garden with little effort. Why not be imaginative and choose a variety of shades for a standout look? Do whatever you fancy as everyone else will be too busy watching TV to object. You may need to add another coat at a later date, but you can certainly make a start.

    De-clutter your wardrobe

    Another feel-good job that you’ve probably been putting off for a while, but if you are a fashionista or a bit of a hoarder it might be best not to delay any longer. To de-clutter your wardrobe start by taking everything out of your closet and giving the empty vessel a good vacuum, then decide what can stay in play and what needs the red card. If the game runs to extra time you can always pop the unwanted clothes down to the local charity shop as an extra good deed.

    Frame some family photographs

    Hands up who still has those photographs of the weekend at the beach or your newphew’s Christening on your digital camera or smart phone? Now’s the perfect time to upload, print and frame them and create a stylish photowall for your hallway or personalised gifts for family and friends.

    Take some ‘me’ time

    Just like your kitchen, make the most of an empty, undisturbed bathroom. Close the door, turn off your phone, apply a face mask and create a home sanctuary with a long bubble bath for a whole hour and 30 minutes of pamper time. Perfect…

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