Creative and crafty ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day

Forget flowers and go for homemade heart decorations to wow your partner this Valentine's Day

Spend Valentine's Day at home this year and lend some love to your decorations with these inventive heart-shaped creations.

Ditch traditional bouquets, petal paths or the usual heart-shaped objects for these alternative, homemade decorations...

Paint romantic ceramics

ceramic heart shape

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Don't neglect your tableware whilst you're decorating your house this February. Serve your romantic meal from dishes covered in hearts and serve up a warm tea in a personalised mug using ceramic pens from your local art and craft store.

Hang stuffed hearts

stuffed hearts

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Stuff heart shaped pieces of material with wool and stitch the edges to create adorable mini cushions. Hang them from door handles, mirror corners or tuck them into drawers for your loved one to find.

Light up your love

heart stencil

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Light candles for a seductive feel to a dinner date or movie night - a very easy romantic room makeover. Use a heart stencil and cover the rest of a mason jar in sparkly glitter or spray paint.

Chime in with a porch decoration

small heart string

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Welcome your partner through the door with a beautiful wind chime like this one. Hang small heart treats from string and let them sway with the wind.

Note and post your love

shape heart notes

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Jot down some love notes and romantic words on a few post-it notes and cluster them in the shape of a heart around the house. Try the bathroom, the bedroom, the fridge and even the car.

Mount your love on the wall

heart printed wall

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This simple art display is made by cutting hearts from card and bending them to make 3D shapes. The result is a designer piece of art that may be kept up all year round or easily peeled off without damaging the wall.

Make a corker of a heart

table centrepiece with heart shape

(Image credit: TBC)

Gather your left over Christmas corks, dip them in various tones of red paint and mount them to a piece of card in the shape of a heart.
Hang it, prop it up or even use it as a table centrepiece.

Knitted hearts

knitted hearts

(Image credit: TBC)

Perfect for knitting enthusiasts, why not put your hobby to romantic use
this February? You can use these fun hearts as coasters, card decorations or even
tuck them into your loved one's coat pocket as a little surprise. Perhaps do not try this if you aren't a knitting aficionado - no one
needs a dodgy heart on Valentine's!

Tissue paper flowers

tissue paper roses

(Image credit: TBC)

f you aren't one for fresh cut flowers or you're looking for something that lasts a little longer than a week then try your hand at tissue paper roses. By simply swirling and twirling crepe tissue paper in patterns and petals you will create a flower worthy of your most fancy vase.

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


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