Clever wallpaper tricks for small rooms

From fun florals to sturdy stripes, these clever ways with wallpaper will make your room appear bigger

Love wallpaper but not sure how to make it work in a small space? These great tips and tricks will show you which designs to go for and how to make the most of the space you have. Be bold and give it a go!

Create a sense of space
Embrace the natural character and cosiness of bedrooms tucked into the eaves with a pretty, country-style wallpaper; opt for a small ditzy floral or tiny leaf sprig designs if you're working with a low ceiling. Maximise the illusion of space by including one plain painted wall that leads to the apex of the roof; this allows the eye to be drawn to the highest point. White or pale pastel will add a fresh, crisp feel! Things to avoid in this room would be large-scale patterns and bold, dark colours.

attic bedroom with bed wooden bedside table

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Be creative with stripes
Add a contemporary touch to a classical home by using striped wallpaper with a difference. "Paper the top half with the stripes running vertically for height, and then balance with horizontal stripes to prevent the wall appearing too lofty or old-fashioned," suggests David Mottershead of Little Greene. Horizontal stripes are also a good way to make a room appear wider. Try Cavendish Stripe in Brush Blue, £66.50 per roll, Little Greene.

bathroom with bathtub and wooden ladder

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Straighten walls
If you own a period property with uneven walls, try wallpapering right up to the ceiling and around door frames; this effect will create height and disguise any imperfections by unifying the room and giving the effect of smoothing out the wall. Choose loose pretty florals or simple repeat patterns rather than heavy stripes or geometrics, which tend to draw your eye rather than creating a beautiful unobtrusive background.

bedroom with bed and white bed side table

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Tricks of the trade
"Wide width wallpapers offer increased value for money," advises Melanie Adams, Founder, Wallpaper Direct. "They also allow for greater scale for more dramatic, bold and bright designs so are perfect either for feature walls, or decorating the entire room. Look out for designs by Sanderson and Designers Guild and check out the Harlequin Anthology collection." Decorating a small space like this hallway and staircase with the same print on the walls, cupboard and even blinds, creates a sense of unity that will increase the space because it's not being broken up with different colours and fabrics.

hallway area with floral walls and stairs

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