5 things you need to do now to make your garden beautiful for spring

The trees may be changing colour but you already need to start thinking about next year ...

Plant out spring bedding

Yes, it’s already time to start planning how you’re going to light up your garden when it comes out of its winter hibernation. When it comes to spring and autumn, it’s worth thinking about one when you are working in the other.

It’s always better to buy a few varieties of bulbs and larger numbers of each and plant them from October to December, before the first frost. The earlier you plant bulbs, the better as the soil is still warm, and getting the roots established before the weather turns will help them fight the wet.

The general rule is that bulbs should be planted at two and half times their own depth.

Plant new trees and bushes

There’s sufficient water in the ground for the trees to take hold. Bare-rooted deciduous trees and shrubs become available towards the end of October, so it’s the perfect time to prepare the ground for them.

Cover ponds

If you have a pond in your garden, make sure that you cover it over with a net to catch any falling leaves.

Pot up perennials from summer displays

Herbaceous perrenials, such as primroses and delphiniums, should be lifted, divided and replanted. Remember to move the more tender plants into greenhouses or inside.

A little bit of maintenance

It’s not only time to cut back perennials that have died down and to prune climbing roses, but it’s also your last chance to move lawns, trim hedges and create new grass areas by laying turf.

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