Beautiful country chicken coops

If you've always been intrigued by our feathery friends, let Country Homes & Interiors show you how to own chickens in style...

Chickens are an increasingly popular choice of pet for country and city dwellers alike. Freshly laid eggs, a fertilized garden, easy and inexpensive to maintain, the positives are endless! So if you’re thinking of taking the poultry plunge, these stunning coops hand-picked by Country Homes & Interiors are sure to give you some inspiration…

Floral Arrangement
These beautiful houses by Flyte so Fancy are hand painted by an in-house artist, making each one completely unique to its owner. A lift-off nest box provides easy egg access and a tarpaulin droppings sheet helps to keep things clean. Priced at £995 and able to house 6-8 chickens, this will sit pretty in any country garden!

Classic Contemporary
The New-England style Archdale comes with
a spacious run, perfect for letting your chickens get some fresh air
and a useful space for them to go when it comes to cleaning out the coop
every 3-4 weeks. A bargain at £126.99, it can house 5-8 birds.

Old School Charm
The Rectory offers a larger space to house
your hens, with room for 12. Priced at £2190 and hand-built in
Yorkshire, it comes with a ventilating chimney and a beautiful thatched
roof. The traditional wood panelled exterior adds to the charm of this
luxurious coop.

Modern Twist
If you’re looking for something a bit different,
the Eglu Classic Coop by Omlet is a showstopper. At £449.99 it is
energy-efficient and 100% recyclable; it even has its own place in the
Victoria and Albert Museum. The wide range of colours available will brighten up
any outdoor space and add a touch of fun to the garden!

Perfectly Pretty
Referred to by Alan Titchmarsh as ‘The Downton Abbey’ of hen houses, this stunning Chalet comes in a variety of 132 Farrow & Ball colours and houses 4 birds. This coop can be customised to suit your garden scheme, so for £1332 you can be sustainable and stylish!

Happy Hens
GD Timber Designs create bespoke hen houses suitable for every home. Every coop features a detachable ladder and sliding front door, as well as ventilation openings within its solid timber frame. The iron wheels of the hen houses are locally made in Dorset, and starting at £353, these poultry palaces are a steal!

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