When to prune jasmine for a healthy plant with pretty and deliciously fragrant flowers, according to experts

Gardening pros advise when to prune jasmine for its delicate flowers to keep blooming year after year

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Jasmine is a beautiful plant, best known for its clusters of white, star-shaped little blooms and sweet smell. A smell tied to summer time and tropical holiday destinations. But if you’re one lucky owner of a jasmine plant, then you must remember when to prune jasmine in order to keep these delicately beautiful flowers and their scent coming back year after year.

Luckily for you, we have turned to our pros for expert gardening advice on when to prune jasmine in the UK. So whether you have a summer jasmine or winter jasmine, then you’ll find the answers you’re looking for in this easy-to-follow little guide.

When to prune jasmine in the UK

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It is imperative to know when to prune your jasmine in order to have a healthy plant all year round, similar to knowing when to prune roses or when to prune hydrangeas. There are two types of jasmine – summer jasmine and winter jasmine. The timing of pruning your jasmine depends on which kind you have. But for both types, it’s best to prune them right after they’re finished flowering.

‘The best time to prune your jasmine plants is just after flowering, doing so will allow time for the new growth to mature, ready to flower the next season,’ Natalie White of Rated People confirms.

Fiona Jenkins, gardening expert at MyJobQuote.co.uk, the UK’s leading trades matching site, adds, ‘Avoid cutting too early as you could cut off the buds, meaning they won’t flower.’

When to prune summer jasmine

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‘Summer jasmine should be pruned right after they've finished flowering, which is usually around late summer/early autumn time,’ says Steve Chilton, garden expert from LeisureBench, a garden furniture manufacturer.

So if your jasmine is of the summer variety, you better get pruning soon because it’s about time.

When to prune winter jasmine

‘The best time to prune winter jasmine is right at the end of winter and into early spring,’ Fiona clarifies. For this one, there is still plenty of time.

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Steve Chilton

Steve Chilton is a passionate and knowledgeable garden expert with several years of experience within the field. As the director of LeisureBench, an industry-leading garden furniture company, Steve has developed strong expertise for all things nature and plants. Steve is a keen educator and loves to share this knowledge with others. He strives to simplify complex garden practices and encourage eco-friendly gardening.

How do you prune overgrown jasmine?

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The experts certainly have a specific technique down when it comes to pruning jasmine. And it’s easy to do, just follow this easy guide. All you need is a pair of pruning shears or secateurs. 

What you'll need

‘Use clean and sharp pruning shears or secateurs to make clean cuts. This helps prevent the spread of diseases,’ says Jack Sutcliffe, co-founder of shed manufacturer, Power Sheds.

So clean shears or secateurs in hand, now it’s time to cut. Jack continues, ‘Begin by removing any dead or damaged branches. Cut them back to healthy wood or near the base of the plant.’

Steve adds, ‘Cut close to the main stem of the plant, right above a healthy bud to prevent damage and promote healthy new growth.’

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Then, focus on overgrown sections and rogue stems. ‘Thin out overcrowded areas by cutting back selected stems. This helps improve air circulation and sunlight penetration,’ Jack says.

Fiona chimes in, ‘Remove any stems that are growing away from the supporting structure of the plant. It’s easy to control the direction of new growth. You just need to prune just above a leaf stem that is growing in the right direction.’

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Just make sure not to remove more than one third of the plant, that’s apparently the sweet spot that helps the plant thrive. ‘Do not remove more than one third of the plant's overall growth during pruning, as this can stress the plant and inhibit its ability to thrive.’ 

So to summarise, prune your jasmine plant right after it’s finished flowering, no sooner than that. Don’t prune more than one third of the overall plant and it’s best to avoid pruning in extreme weather conditions. Happy jasmine pruning!

Should jasmine be cut back every year?

To have a healthy jasmine plant, it should be pruned every year. 

‘Both summer and winter jasmine should be pruned annually,’ Steve confirms.

Can you prune jasmine in the winter?

If you have a summer jasmine plant on your hands, then you shouldn't prune during winter. On the other hand, winter jasmine should be pruned after it finishes flowering in the winter or early spring.

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