Sara Hesikova

News Writer

Sara Hesikova has been Ideal Home’s News Writer since July 2023, bringing the Ideal Home’s readership breaking news stories from the world of home decor and interiors, as well as trend-led pieces, shopping round-ups and more. Graduating from London College of Fashion with a bachelor’s degree in fashion journalism in 2016, she got her start in niche fashion and lifestyle magazines like Glass and Alvar as a writer and editor before making the leap into interiors, working with the likes of interiors and lifestyle title 91 Magazine. She feels that fashion and interiors are intrinsically connected – if someone puts an effort into what they wear, they most likely also care about what they surround themselves with.

Aside from journalism, Sara has also dabbled in freelance copywriting and has worked with large retailers like Selfridges and Farfetch, as well as smaller brands such as Yves Delorme luxury bed linen. Despite working with some of these luxury platforms and brands, she always strives to buy second hand where possible and is always up for an upcycling or DIY project.

Ideal Home Truths

Where’s your happy place?

I’d say my bed. I’m proud to say I am a very good sleeper so a bed is a great place for me to be. I love sleeping in on a Saturday morning, as much as watching a movie from bed. More so than sitting on the sofa. But that might also be because of my current, rather uncomfortable couch…

What’s your home addiction?

These change so often! But one constant is ceramic crockery. To the point that I actually took pottery classes to make some myself and I’m planning on doing more to improve my currently very low skills.

What is your next home project?

Despite moving into a new unfurnished flat several months ago now, there is still a lot to do. Storage is still the biggest issue which is something that needs tackling.

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