Where can I buy compost online? Here’s where to buy soil during the Coronavirus lockdown

All the best deals to get your plants thriving
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  • Getting hold of compost used to be as easy as cruising up to the local supermarket or garden centre and throwing a bag in the car. However, since compost is sadly not an essential, you might be wondering where to buy compost online.

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    If you’re planning a gardening project this bank holiday weekend a bag of compost should be on your shopping list alongside any new plants. Adding compost to your garden is the best and easiest way to help your plants to thrive.

    You can purchase general all-purpose compost or specialist versions for particular plants. For example, if you are potting up any houseplants or cacti, you will want to purchase a compost best suited to them.

    We’ve rounded up a list of the places where you can still buy compost online.

    Where to buy compost online

    1. Amazon

    While a lot of the compost bags on Amazon are currently sold out, you can still pick up all-purpose compost from seller You Garden. A 80L bag will cost you £49.99, however, Amazon is currently prioritising essentials so delivery might take longer than usual.

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    2. Compost Direct

    Compost Direct sells British-made and peat-free compost online. They sell a huge variety of composts, topsoil, bark and turfs through their website. Due to high demand current delivery times are 10 to 14 days.

    3. Homebase

    If you are looking to snag a deal on compost, head over to the Homebase website. The home and gardening store is currently offering a 5 for 4 deal on 25L bags of Gro-sure all purpose compost. This compost is perfect for use in pots and containers, beds, borders and hanging baskets.

    4. The Compost Shop

    The Compost Shop has sold out of quite a few lines of all-purpose composts. However, you can still pick up a 50 litre bag of multi-purpose compost. It is low in peat and specially formulated to be used all around the garden, from sowing seeds and cuttings to planting out.

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    5. Crocus

    You can pick up your plants and compost in one order at this online garden centre. Unfortunately, due to high demand Crocus has had to pause orders when they reach a daily threshold, so be sure to order early in the morning.

    6. Carbon Gold

    Carbon Gold is still selling its all purpose compost online. At £18.99 for a 60 litre bag, it is also among the less expensive compost you can still purchase. The compost is peat free, and is made up of an organic alternative that will have seedlings thriving in no time.

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    7. Dalefoot Compost

    Dalefoot Compost is made on a small hill farm in the Lake District. It is called wool compost because it is made out of locally sourced ingredients – including sheep’s wool from local farmers. The entire range is Soil Association-approved and peat free. Dalefoot is also one of the few online stores still selling compost for vegetables, salads and tomatoes. A 30-litre bag will cost around £10.99.

    8. Fertile Fibre

    The organic compost company Fertile Fibre is 100 per cent peat-free, Soil Association permitted and contains organic coir. The multi-purpose bags are available in sizes from 35 litres. The brand offers plenty of deals if you opt to purchase more than one bag, such as 23 per cent off if you buy two of the same bag.

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    Will you be doing a spot of gardening or planting out this weekend?

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