Worx 20V Hydroshot Cordless Pressure Washer review

Time for spring cleaning? We put this cordless Worx pressure washer to the test to see if it's up to the job

Worx pressure washer being used on wooden table outsdide
(Image credit: Worx)
Ideal Home Verdict

A super-handy pressure washer that quickly tackles simple outdoor cleaning jobs with ease and efficiency. It niftily blasts away dirt and debris on paths, outdoor furniture and bikes and washes down gutters and window sills. It's the portability that’s the winner here – no plug or tap needed!

Reasons to buy
  • +

    No power cable needed

  • +

    Rechargeable battery powered

  • +

    No mains water supply cable needed

  • +

    Draws water from remote source, like buckets, butts, bottles, pools

  • +

    Light weight, compact and portable

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not for heavy duty cleaning of patios

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Pressure washers come in all shapes and sizes. They’re the go-to tools for high-pressure cleaning that we reach for when we want to take on seasonal and everyday outdoor tasks. But what’s the best pressure washer on the market?

When I was introduced to the Worx 20V Nitro high-flow Hydroshot cordless pressure washer what really got me excited was its promise of ‘use it anywhere – no power or water connection required’. Unlike conventional pressure washers with their bulky body units, mains connections and garden hoses that need to be attached to a tap, the Worx Nitro Hydroshot WG633E is battery operated and can use a remote water source. 

I have a small back garden with stone patios and steps, plus a wooden shed and pathway. We’re also an ‘outdoorsy family’ and love to bike and kayak.  All of these things need frequent seasonal maintenance. I wanted a product that could tackle the basics with get-up-and-go. It was a bright day at the end of March when I put the Worx through a spring cleaning test…

Worx 20V Hydroshot Cordless Pressure washer product specs

Black and orange cordless Worx pressure washer

(Image credit: Worx)
  • Power type: 20V battery powered
  • Max pressure: 5.6Mpa
  • Best for: everyday jobs washing down pathways, gutters, bikes, BBQs and outdoor furniture
  • Draw hose length: 6m
  • Power cord length: N/A as this is battery powered
  • Net Weight without accessories: 1.5kg

Who tested this pressure washer?

Rhoda Parry
Rhoda Parry

Rhoda Parry is the former Editorial Director of Ideal Home, the UK’s best-known media brand, and its sister titles, 25 Beautiful Homes and Style at Home. She is also former Editorial Director for Gardeningetc, Amateur Gardening and Easy Gardens. 

As an experienced Interiors and Gardens journalist, she’s spent her career tracking the trends, interviewing the experts and reviewing the best products for inside and outside living spaces. 

Worx 20V Hydroshot Cordless Pressure Washer: Unboxing and delivery 

Testing of Worx cordless pressure washer

(Image credit: Future)

Worx 20V Nitro high-flow Hydroshot cordless portable power cleaner/water sprayer with accessories, battery & charger (model WG633E) arrived in an easy-to-carry box. 

The front and back of the box clearly shows the vital statistics of the product and its uses – everyday cleaning outside from bikes and boats to windows, BBQs and cars. It doesn’t mention outdoor surfaces such as patios, decks or walls so I don’t think this product purports to be a heavy duty pressure washer like the Karcher K4 Premium High Pressure Washer. 

Worx 20V Hydroshot Cordless Pressure Washer: First impressions 

On opening the box, all the contents were neatly arranged and held in place by cardboard. The components included were the battery pack, the plug-in battery charger, the operating trigger handle and comes with accessories of a 6m suction (or draw) hose, 526.5mm long lance, quick connect adapter and a soda bottle adapter.

I moved outside at this point to lay out all the components before reading the instructions and putting the pressure washer together. All the items were clearly identifiable and you don’t need any other tools to assemble. I took a look at the printed instructions. It was all pretty straightforward so I cracked on and followed the simple black and white illustrations step by step. 

The first thing to do was start charging the battery pack by plugging it into the mains. A green battery indicator light started flashing and turned solid on full charge – this took about 90 minutes. There is a battery test button that indicates how much power is left in the battery – handy if you are mid job and wondering if the battery will last.

Testing of Worx cordless pressure washer

(Image credit: Future)

Then I inserted the pressure cleaning lance into the main unit and attached the 5-In-1 multi-spray nozzle. The nozzle shows the different spray types and their intensities and allows switching from 0°, 15°, 25°, 40° spray patterns with high/low pressure setting of 38 bar/25 bar. There is also a watering setting.

The beauty of this pressure washer is that it can attach either directly to existing outdoors hose pipe or if you want to be more mobile (or be mindful of water usage) from a bucket, butt, lake or pool using the white draw-hose. The bottle attachment is intriguing and a very clever idea if you are out and about.

Next step was to pop the fully charged battery into the waterproof battery case and close the lid for extra safety. This is all super simple. After about 8 minutes of construction, the pressure washer was ready for action. On first use, the instructions recommended injecting water into the hose adapter with the machine turned on so as to empty any air in the hose.

Worx 20V Hydroshot Cordless Pressure washer: Results

Wooden sleeper pathway

Our wooden sleeper pathway was slippery with black algae after the winter so needed a spruce up. I clicked the mains hose adaptor (it worked with our existing adaptor but also comes supplied with the product) into the trigger and got to work cleaning. I initially set it to the 40 degree setting with its fan of water, which got rid of surface plant material, but this was not strong enough to remove the ingrained dirt. The most successful settings for this were the more powerful 15 degree and the 0 degree. It cleaned small areas effectively but was quite time consuming.

Testing of Worx cordless pressure washer

(Image credit: Future)

Stone patio and paths

Discoloured pavers from a long and wet winter were my next target. The same scenario played out on the stone patio and paths with the most intense settings being the most effective for the ingrained dirt. The wider spray setting was adept at rinsing down the grout and rubber front door mat where mud had accumulated. 

Worx pressure washer being tested on stone patio

(Image credit: Future)

Shed, render and guttering

My painted clapboard shed was covered in green algae and was looking unsightly. I put the setting onto 25 degrees and this pressure quickly cleared the slime. One side of the shed is hard to access, but the portability of the trigger made it no trouble. Likewise with the render on the side of our house. It also sluiced the guttering that had accumulated leaves and gunk, leaving it rather satisfyingly spotless.

Worx pressure washer being tested on a gutter

(Image credit: Future)

Motorbike, bikes, cars

Next I positioned the white draw hose into a bucket of water and clicked its adaptor into the trigger. We carried the bucket down to outside the garage where the motorbike was on its stand outside. This is brilliant as you don’t have to manhandle a cumbersome hose. The 25 degree pressure setting made light work of mud and grime around the bike’s wheel arches and mud guards. This would be equally competent on muddy mountain bikes and filthy cars. The pressure was the same as it was when attached to the tap and I used two buckets of water to clean the motorbike. I would recommend the hosepipe attachment for cleaning a car.

Testing of Worx cordless pressure washer

(Image credit: Future)

Wooden furniture

Next, I tested the soda bottle attachment. I filled an empty Coke bottle with water and inserted the bottle tube and screwed into place. The tool is obviously heavier to lift and a little awkward, but I used it to clean down a sad looking outdoor chair. This bottle attachment would be brilliant for hosing down muddy boots and bikes after a walk. As the bottle emptied quickly, we used the bucket and draw hose to complete the job.

Testing of Worx cordless pressure washer

(Image credit: Future)

Final verdict: Is the Worx 20V Nitro Hydroshot Pressure Washer worth the money? 

The Worx 20V Nitro Hydroshot Pressure Washer is a compact and versatile all rounder for lightweight jobs outdoors. I loved the way that it could be used for quickly rinsing patios and pathways, washing cars, bicycles, boats, outdoor equipment such as BBQs, garages, sheds and windows. It’s not designed to deep clean large-scale areas such as patios. The tool is part of Worx PowerShare battery system so you can use the battery in other gardening tools in the range, such as strimmers. I found that the battery charge lasted for approximately 30 minutes of constant use.

Testing of Worx cordless pressure washer

(Image credit: Future)

The RRP of £199.99 is an investment, but this product is ingenious, well made and well designed. Its major plus point is that it can be moved easily from job to job without a hefty hose attached to the mains water. The draw hose is just so clever and means that you can take the tool wherever you need it – from the garden, to the garage. You could even pop it into your car and take it with you on holiday for cleaning boots, bikes, canoes or camping equipment. 

In terms of user friendliness, it was easy to understand the set up instructions. The trigger is light and easy to handle. Storage is a dream as it is so compact.

If you want to save some pennies and don’t need the accessories, its little sister is the Cordless mobile pressure washer 20V with an RRP of £139.99 at Worx.

About this review, and the reviewer

As part of the commitment to how we test at Ideal Home, Rhoda tested the Worx 20V Nitro Pressure Washer at her family house in Sussex where she put it through its paces on stone patios, wooden sleeper paths, a motorbike, shed and even her gutters. 

Rhoda Parry

Rhoda Parry was the Editorial Director of Ideal Home and its sister titles, 25 Beautiful Homes and Style at Home from 2021-2022. She wass also Editorial Director for Gardeningetc, Amateur Gardening and Easy Gardens. Rhoda is a highly experienced editor and journalist and has worked on many women's lifestyle media brands throughout her career. For the last 20 years, she has specialised in homes, interiors and gardens. A storyteller at heart, Rhoda is passionate about championing, crafting and creating exciting written and visual content for digital, print and experiential audiences.