Martin Lewis reveals the cheapest (and most underrated) way to stay warm this winter –⁠ and it's only £6

We've all been sleeping on this often-forgotten energy-saving buy

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Finance expert, Martin Lewis, has revealed that microwaveable wheat bags may just be one of the best energy-saving products to snag now to stave off the cold weather – and it will only set you back roughly £6.

Despite enjoying a long Indian summer, there's no denying that the cold has definitely made its home again in the UK, thus bringing about the urge to crank up the heating at home. However, even with the newly lowered energy price cap, bills are still likely to hit us like a storm. So, it pays to know how to save energy at home to help cut costs where possible.

This is why this winter, experts are still urging us to 'heat the human, not the home' and opt for the likes of the best electric blankets, hot water bottles, and more. But, there's one more product that often gets left out of the cult 'keep warm' pyramid: microwaveable wheat bags.

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Martin Lewis took to his website, Money Saving Expert, to share this underrated energy-saving buy that will hopefully help those struggling to pay their energy bills, or if you're just keen to go greener this winter.

In an article on his website, he and other money-saving experts compiled a list of the cheapest ways to keep warm without turning on the heating.

'There are lots of options out there – we can't vouch for which will keep you warmest, but we have tried to work out which is cheapest to run,' reads the article.

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Alongside other standard heating methods, microwaveable wheat bags make the list as one of the cheapest options, with an upfront cost of roughly £4-8 and costing you less than 1p an hour to run. This results in a cost per week of only 17p. They're also super easy to use, as you just put one in the microwave for 60 seconds and you're set.

This means microwaveable wheat bags not only cost you less upfront but are also cheaper than the cost of running an electric blanket and the cost of boiling a kettle to fill a hot water bottle.

However, do keep in mind that although cheaper, microwaveable wheat bags usually only stay warm for about 20-40 minutes, so work best for those looking to warm up quickly and efficiently.

If you're after something to keep you warm for a longer period of time (like at night-time), then opting for either a hot water bottle or an electric blanket may still be your best bet.

But of course, who are we to deny an easy and affordable way to keep warm? Thank you money-saving experts –⁠ we'll be keeping this one in our back pockets this winter.

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