21 energy-saving products under £50 – reduce your utility bills

Help decrease your utility bills with these energy-saving products that are all under £50 – from economical electric blankets to plug-in heaters

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Investing in the best energy-saving products for your home will not only reduce the amount of gas, water, and electricity you use but can also help to cut down on your utility bills. And, as the cost-of-living and climate crises continue, we've researched easy and affordable energy-efficient buys you can look into.

Whilst there are plenty of larger issues that you can tackle to reduce the cost of your utility bills, such as investing in solar panels, switching all of the lights in your house over to energy-saving LED bulbs, or opting to invest in one of the best air fryers to reduce the number of times you need to turn the oven on, we know that not everyone has hundreds of pounds to spend right now.

That's why we've rounded-up a selection of energy-saving products that can help you to cut down on energy bills with minimal investment. So, whether you are concerned about your draughty home, or it's switching on your heating or tumble dryer that's making you hesitate right now, we've found items that can help you shed £££s off your bills as the cold weather continues.

21 energy-saving products to invest in

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There are even ways to save money without spending a penny, 'you could save up to 10 percent of your heating bill by turning down your thermostat by just one degree' says Matthew Currington, Technical Director at The Lighting Superstore. He also adds 'you can save approximately £35 a year by turning all appliances off standby mode when they're not in use.' Some food for thought!

Every penny matters to the Ideal Home team, and we've got plenty more suggestions on how to save energy at home, in fact, once you've done your shopping, it might be a smart idea to follow some of our tips and tricks. We've got advice on how to keep your home warm and much more, to get ahead of the game and cut your costs now.

And, if you're still thinking why is my energy bill so high once you've bought one or two of these and tried our tips and tricks, then we've identified 6 root causes as to why you might be paying such a large sum.

Quotes provided by The Lighting Superstore.

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