Jullia Joson

Jullia Joson

Junior Writer

Jullia is a Junior Writer at Ideal Home and has been with the team since October 2022. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies at the University of Nottingham and discovered her love for journalism during an internship at ArchDaily where she wrote about architecture and interiors in media and the virtual space.

Now focused on home tech, Jullia primarily spends her time curating features and buying guides to help people better understand how their vacuums, dehumidifiers, and other tech investments work – condensing expert advice into digestible explainers. When she’s not writing, she loves exploring the city, coffee shop hopping, and losing hours to a cosy game.

Ideal Home Truths

Where's your happy place?

My bedroom – there's nothing quite like winding down in my own space that I've curated to my liking. Whether I'm playing video games, reading a book on my Kindle, or binge-watching a new series, it's easily my favourite place to be.

What’s your home addiction?

Decorative trinkets and anything LEGO, for sure. I have a bit of a blind box obsession so everything I've gathered is displayed on every available surface in my home. The same goes with LEGO, as I've got a handful of LEGO flowers and even sets of my favourite Sanrio characters. Some would argue and just call them dust collectors, but they're my guilty pleasure.

What is your next home project?

For someone who loves and appreciates art, I must admit that my walls aren't the greatest indicator. I'm a poster kid turned gallery wall addict – though it's more of a vicarious experience right now. My goal is to fill the walls of my flat with art and prints from local markets and independent shops, to complement my many trinkets already making their home on my shelves and dresser tops.

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