‘Alexa, be my plant whisperer’ – the unusual tricks the AI assistant can do to help your houseplants thrive

The latest skill from Amazon's Alexa explained

Amazon Alexa Plant Whisperer
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A lot goes into tending to our houseplants as every variety comes with a set of its very unique needs - different light, watering and environmental requirements entirely. That’s why it's so exciting that Amazon has introduced a new Alexa plant care feature to help users of the app keep their greenery alive and healthy.

This new smart home idea was created in collaboration with botanist and TV presenter James Wong of @botanygeek in light of newly conducted market research which has revealed that 30% of Brits find it difficult to remember when and how often their plants to be watered and fed. Although we wouldn't be surprised if the real percentage was much higher!

If you already own an Alexa device, then the Plant Whisperer feature is already available to you as of 23rd May. Here's how you can access the skill and make the most of it. And be prepared, because it's not as standard as just creating a watering schedule...

Amazon Alexa Plant Whisperer

(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon’s new Alexa plant care feature

This new plant care feature courtesy of Amazon consists of 35 questions you can ask Alexa, such as ‘How often should I water my aloe vera?’, which are sure to become among the best Alexa voice commands. Plus, you can create a plant care routine and set notifications to water or check on your plant.

However, Alexa's ready to talk directly to your plants, as well. Enter: ‘Alexa, be my plant whisperer’.

Yes, that is an actual command to make the AI voice service whisper positive affirmations to your houseplants which have actually been proven to make a difference – not to mention that 46% of plant owners already do this on a regular basis (they're good listeners, ok?!).

A living room with displayed houseplants

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In addition to the affirmation whispering, you can also schedule for Alexa to provide the necessary amount of light and warmth or play a plant-friendly music in a true smart home ecosystem fashion – as long as you own the necessary compatible products like smart lights and a thermostat.

‘It's easy to be deterred when a plant discolours or dies, that's why I've loved collaborating with Amazon to upskill Alexa on plant knowledge and develop a plant care routine to help Brits gain more confidence in caring for houseplants,’ says James.

If you want to take advantage of this virtual houseplant helper, then all you need to do is open your Alexa app, select ‘more’ from the bottom navigation menu before clicking on ‘routines’ in the options on offer. Then tap on ‘featured’ front sliding top menu, which should include the ‘Plant Whisperer’ feature.

It will then ask you to choose the smart devices to link in the routine. And then you’ll be all set to start your plant care journey assisted by Alexa with the command ‘Alexa, mind my plants’. Just don't be alarmed if you walk in on your AI chatting to your spider plant!

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