How to get your loft ready for the big spring declutter

The time has come to get your home summer-ready, with a spring declutter, but is your winter homeware storage up to scratch?

Loft Leg raised floor with shelving on ledges
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It's light after you finish work and blossom is on the trees, which means the winter to summer switch is almost here. It’s time to swap out your heavy 13 tog duvet, store away the heated blankets and stash the portable heaters. 

Very few of us are fortunate enough to have an abundance of cupboard space at home to pack all of our winter goods up into. But if you have a loft you might have more usable space than you realised with the help of Loft Leg.

Storing anything in a loft can be a bit daunting, a wool 13 tog duvet doesn’t come cheap so you want to store it away in the knowledge that it will be safe. Plus there's also the big one... will you be able to find it again when winter returns? Fortunately, Loft Leg has many nifty buys that will turn your loft into the organised space of your dreams, so you will be able to find everything easily when the leaves start to fall in September.

Raised loft floor

LoftLeg raised floor in loft

(Image credit: LoftLeg)

When storing your winter blankets and portable heaters away, in order to keep them clean and dust free it's best to safely stow them away in boxes. However, simply flinging a box up into your loft without the correct boarding can damage your loft insulation, and make it trickier to access your storage potential. 

Instead, consider adding in a raised loft floor, these can be created simply with wooden boards and Loft Legs. Loft Legs are easy to fit and will raise loft boards over the government's recommended 270mm of quilt insulation, avoiding compression of the insulation, and giving you a safe surface to move around on.

Add in organised shelving

LoftLeg raised floor with shelving on ledges

(Image credit: LoftLeg)

While you could simply stack all your boxes on top of each other jenga-style, trust us when we say adding in Loft Ledges between trusses will be an organising game changer. Loft Leg's Loft Ledge creates additional shelving allowing you to store more, but also access things much quicker if each box has its own designated shelf.

Your future self will thank you when you’re not lugging heavy boxes out the way to access the winter duvet you decided to store in the very bottom box at the back of the loft.

Shine a light 

Loft lighting being installed

(Image credit: LoftLeg)

While we can only hope the warm weather is here to stay, living in the UK you never know when you’re going to need that extra blanket on a chilly night. Loft Lights and Loft bulbs will provide a much brighter and adjustable source of light than traditional loft lighting, helping you to quickly find what you’re looking for. 

If your loft doesn’t have a light already, or you want to illuminate a dark corner the Loft Light is a handy battery powered light so won’t require any wiring. 

Is your loft ready for the big spring declutter?

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