Step inside this beautiful North London terraced house built in the 1840s

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  • While a flat in the heart of London and a weekend cottage in the countryside might seem like an idyllic set-up, it simply didn’t work for this couple: ‘Living a split life ended up being too complicated.’  So the pair sold the cottage, let the flat and bought the first and only house they viewed. The configuration of a wide terrace in north London with its generous living space across three floors was perfect. They never stopped looking at properties online, but neither of them saw anything worth mentioning. ‘But as soon as this place came on the market, we moved quickly.’

    Initially, the pair designed an extension using structural glass, but it was only when permission was obtained and drawings prepared, that they discovered building costs were likely to be double their architect’s original estimate. ‘After nearly a year of planning, it was so disappointing.’ So the couple sat down to rethink their ideas and decided to renovate the house as it was. And, as they had already specified the wood flooring, bathroom fittings, tiles and more, it was enough of a head start to give them the confidence to manage the project themselves.

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