Have a wander around this stunning five-storey Victorian townhouse in London

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  • The owners cleverly eked out previously redundant space to turn their modest terrace into a stunning five-storey home. A six-month work project in London triggered a chance meeting between the former banker and her future husband. Living in Milan at the time, her trip was followed by a 12-month long distance relationship between the pair, but in 2010 they decided to move in together together. As their time in London had been so romantic and it held such special memories for them, it won out between the two cities, and it was there they married and set up home. ‘My husband lived in London for 15 years and we both loved the cosmopolitan feel of the place, the beautiful residential areas with their quiet garden squares and, of course, all the great restaurants and shops.’ The couple had previously rented a place while they looked at lots of properties over a two-year period, but with the birth of their daughter, the pressure was on to find a home. ‘When we saw this house in southwest London, we loved it. Even though it was bit small, I thought it had huge potential, if we were prepared to take on a major building project.’

    This house tour originally appeared in 25 Beautiful Homes, March 2017

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