Bosch Tassimo Finesse coffee machine review

The Bosch Tassimo Finesse can brew your drinks to perfection, and has an option for stronger tasting coffee. But is it worth your cash? In this review we put it to the test

Image of Bosch Tassimo Finesse
(Image credit: Bosch)
Ideal Home Verdict

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or an all-round hot drinks lover, you’ll be able to enjoy your drink of choice with this machine, which prepares any T Disc pod to perfection with Intellibrew technology. It’s easy to set up and use, operated via one button which can also activate the Intensity Boost feature for stronger tasting coffee. With a water tank of 0.7 litres, it does need refilling quite frequently, but the main drawback of this machine is the cost of enjoying it. Aside from pods, you’ll also need to purchase descaling tablets, which are quite expensive.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Glossy design

  • +

    Easy to set up, use and clean

  • +

    Plenty of hot drink options

  • +

    Smart technology tailors each drink

  • +

    Range of colours available

  • +

    Intensity Boost feature for stronger flavour

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Pods are quite expensive

  • -

    Machine itself is also costly

  • -

    Water compartment could be bigger

  • -

    Descaling tablets not included

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The Finesse is the latest pod coffee machine from Bosch and Tassimo, designed to make great tasting coffee at the touch of one button. The collaboration between these two brands has seen the creation of some of the best pod coffee machines out there, including the Bosch Tassimo My Way 2. It’s fair to say that expectations for the Finesse are therefore high, especially considering the new Intensity Boost feature which gives users the option for stronger tasting coffee.

As with all Tassimo coffee machines, you’re far from limited with the range of hot drinks you can enjoy in the Finesse. Pods from big name brands like Costa, Cadbury’s, Carte Noire and L’OR are compatible, alongside a whole host of other Tassimo T Disc options. The Finesse also boasts Tassimo’s unique Intellibrew technology, which automatically scans the barcode of each T Disc pod and adjusts the machine’s settings to create the perfect drink every time. This, plus the range of glossy colours the machine comes in (choose from black, red, white, cream and blue to suit your kitchen’s current aesthetic), is giving us a lot to love.

The price tag, plus the ongoing cost of the pods, is the only thing making us hesitate. In this Bosch Tassimo Finesse review, we put the machine through its paces to see whether or not it's worth the investment, and whether it can join the ranks of the best coffee machines.

 Specifications of the Bosch Tassimo Finesse

Image of Bosch Tassimo Finesse

(Image credit: Bosch)
  • Coffee type: pod
  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 15.7 x 36.6 cm
  • Coffee options: over 50 drink options
  • Type of pod compatibility: T Disc Tassimo pods
  • RRP: £118.99
  • Water tank capacity: 0.7l
  • Power: 1400W 
  • Pod bin capacity: 0
  • Weight: 2.1kg
Katie Sims
Katie Sims

Katie Sims has been writing content for Ideal Home since spring 2022. Over the past couple of weeks she has tested the Bosch Tassimo Finesse by making coffees daily for herself and her family. Coffee is an essential part of her morning routine, she usually has one to start the day and one as late morning pick me up. Lattes are her first choice, but she also loves an americano with a flavoured syrup for sweetness. 

Getting started 

The first thing I noticed when taking the Tassimo Finesse out of its packaging was its beautiful glossy finish. I received the Cream model, and once I’d set it in its place on the worktop, I couldn’t help but admire the way it complemented my kitchen. It’s not a small machine, but not overly bulky either, taking up space by its length rather than its width. I tried it in a couple of different locations until I found a spot I was happy with, and found lifting and carrying it to be no trouble at all.

The packaging inside the box unfortunately couldn’t be recycled, though there wasn’t any single-use plastic. Two polystyrene cut outs sat at the top and bottom of the machine, and a soft sheath fabric covered the machine itself.

Coffee pods do need to be purchased separately; I was kindly sent a selection to try with the machine sample which included Kenco americanos, Costa caramel lattes, and L’OR latte macchiatos. There is a huge selection of hot drinks to enjoy in the machine, so I also purchased some Cadbury’s hot chocolate pods to try as well. Larger supermarkets stock Tassimo T Disc pods, and you can also buy them online for around £5 per pack.

Image of Bosch Tassimo Finesse box

(Image credit: Future/Katie Sims)

Setting up  

The machine is really easy to set up, as it arrives fully assembled. Getting started is simply a case of plugging it in and filling up the water compartment. This detaches easily, though I do find slotting it back into place to be quite fiddly. It usually clicks into place after a bit of wiggling around. I did make the mistake once of thinking the compartment was reattached properly when it wasn’t, and ended up with water all over the countertop, so it’s worth double checking this when using.

Before you make your first drink, it’s recommended to purge the machine using the Service T Disc. This sits in place of the coffee pod and enables the machine to clean itself. All you need to do is place a cup on the tray to catch the falling hot water, and once you’ve done this you can make your first cup of coffee. 

To add a pod you just push down on the lever and place the disc into the pod compartment. Click the lever back into place and add your glass to the tray. The tray can be easily removed so tall latte glasses can sit comfortably under the nozzle, and there’s also a higher slot for smaller espresso cups. Once the button has stopped flashing orange and remains steady, you’re good to go. 

Image of Bosch Tassimo coffee machine during testing

(Image credit: Future/Katie Sims)

Using the Bosch Tassimo Finesse 

The Finesse is operated via one button, which I found far less complicated than machines with different buttons for different drink types. The Intensity Boost function does give the option for stronger tasting coffee, and is easily activated by holding the button down for three seconds. I’m not a massive lover of strong coffee, though I did have a few cups using the Intensity Boost feature and was definitely able to taste the difference.

Intellibrew technology is an impressive feature of Bosch Tassimo machines, and though you don’t directly see this as a user, it’s nice knowing that it’s working behind the scenes to make you the perfect cup. The machine scans the barcode on each T Disc pod once it’s been inserted, and automatically adjusts the brewing time, temperature and duration for that drink. This technology is unique to Tassimo, and is handy because it means the machine can cater to the vast array of hot drink options available and brew each one optimally, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

The water compartment has a capacity of 0.7 litres, so it does need refilling after every couple of drinks. Once you’ve filled the water compartment and you’ve pressed the button, the machine can take a few seconds to kick in, and in general, it is quite noisy while it works. It’s not loud enough to be considered a hindrance though, and personally I quite enjoy knowing the machine is doing its thing, which the noise helps to indicate. 

Some drinks are made from two pods, and it was easy to know when to swap the discs because the machine stops making noise and the orange light stops flashing. Making a drink doesn’t feel like a chore at all, and can be done from start to finish within a few minutes. Very little effort is required; beyond pressing the button, inserting the disc, and swapping the discs halfway through (if necessary), there’s nothing to do except wait for the machine to finish making your drink. 

Image of Tassimo Bosch coffee machine

(Image credit: Future/Katie Sims)

What is coffee like with the Bosch Tassimo Finesse?

I’ve enjoyed every cup of coffee I’ve made with the Finesse, as have all the family members I made one for. It’s no secret that Bosch Tassimo machines can create great-tasting coffee, and the Finesse is no exception. While testing the machine I found that I was looking forward to my morning coffee every day, excited to drink a delicious latte that could be made with little hassle (the caramel ones were my favourite, though I know not everyone shares my sweet tooth when it comes to coffee).

Image of Bosch Tassimo coffee pods

(Image credit: Future/Katie Sims)

The machine produces the drink so that it’s at the perfect temperature to start drinking straight away. There’s no need to wait for the beverage to cool down, and actually leaving it for a few minutes ends up with feeling like you need to drink the coffee quickly before it becomes too cool to enjoy, as I discovered with my first cup, having left it to stand while I made some notes.

Image of Bosch Tassimo Finesse coffee machine

(Image credit: Future/Katie Sims)

T Disc pods aren’t compostable and therefore have the potential to be quite bad for the environment. Personally, I find that my morning cup of coffee is less enjoyable when I know it’s contributing to landfill, so the Podback recycling service is a great alternative. Podback allows you to recycle coffee pods from numerous machines, including all Tassimo T Disc machines. If you order your pods directly from Tassimo, a free recycling bag is included to store your empty pods which you can then drop off at your nearest Collect+ store. Some postcodes are eligible to have their pods collected kerbside as well. It’s unlikely that every single customer will register for Podback and drop off their empty coffee pods at a Collect+ store, but it is good to know that it’s there if you feel guilty throwing your pods in the bin. 

 Cleaning up  

It’s recommended that you purge the machine frequently using the cleaning disk, as the Finesse doesn’t have an automatic water filtration system. The Service T Disc slots into the side of the machine along with a small instruction booklet, which clearly illustrates how to clean the machine. Most of the parts inside the pod compartment can be removed and are even dishwasher safe, or easy enough to wash and dry by hand. I also wiped around inside the pod compartment using a microfibre cloth before reinserting the parts I’d removed.

Image of Bosch Tassimo Finesse during cleaning

(Image credit: Future/Katie Sims)

Maintaining the machine in good condition is easy, though each cup of coffee does usually end up with splashes of liquid in the tray compartment, so you’ll have to wipe this clean every time if you want to keep the Finesse looking spotless. The white and silver model in particular makes the brown coffee residue quite noticeable, so I usually detach the cup tray after each use and rinse it in the sink. 

The machine’s light turns red to signal when it needs descaling. It’s important to do this to prevent the build up of calcium deposits in the pipes, which would hamper the machine’s performance. Unfortunately, the descaling tablets are sold separately, and are quite pricey; you can buy a pack of four from the Tassimo website for £6.99, or a pack of eight from Argos for £12. Given that each descaling process requires two tablets, you’ll have to repurchase these quite frequently, which when coupled with the cost of the coffee pods, is far from ideal. 

 How does the Finesse compare to other machines? 

The previous machine that sat in my kitchen was the Bosch Tassimo Vivy 2. On a design front, the Finesse is taller and less wide than the Vivy 2, but in terms of operating the machines, there isn’t any major difference other than the Intensity Boost feature of the Finesse. I also find the Finesse’s button to be less confusing than the Vivy 2’s; even though both are one touch operation, the Vivy 2 button has three flashing lights instead of one, for the cup, water tank, and descaling display. It was only after researching online that I understood what the different symbols meant, so when I saw that the Finesse didn’t have these symbols, I automatically anticipated a more straightforward brewing process. 

Both these machines have a water tank capacity of 0.7 litres. The Bosch Tassimo My Way 2 however boasts a water compartment of 1.3 litres, which would require refilling less frequently, and given the slightly awkward nature of refitting the Finesse’s water holder, a tank of this size would be preferable.

Should you buy the Bosch Tassimo Finesse? 

The Bosch Tassimo Finesse retails at £118.99, which is on the pricier side for a T Disc pod coffee machine, and you’ll also have the continuing cost of pods and descaling agents going forward. The machine is therefore definitely an investment, though I would say it’s a worthy one if you’re a lover of hot drinks and want to be able to enjoy them from home, with minimal hassle. One of the great things about the Tassimo Finesse is the variety of drinks it can create, and I’m planning to order some new pods from Tassimo soon (including some festive flavours of coffee and hot chocolate).

If you’d like to have an option for a stronger tasting coffee, the machine would be a great choice for you, as the Intensity Boost feature really does up the intensity of the drink. Knowing that the machine is adjusting its internal settings with every drink is also great for the coffee connoisseur who likes to enjoy the perfect cup. And aside from the sleek, modern design which looks great in the kitchen, the machine is easy to set up, use and clean. 

 About this review and the reviewer 

Katie Sims writes a variety of content for Ideal Home, from DIY advice and cleaning features, to decor ideas and product reviews. When testing products, she follows a thorough reviewing process to see how the product fares in different scenarios, so she can ensure she’s giving an honest and fair review. She loves coffee, and so was delighted with the opportunity to test the Bosch Tassimo Finesse machine, which she was kindly allowed to keep after completing the review. Katie currently lives in Lancashire with her family and as a homebody, she’s always keen to try out the latest products that will make home life as enjoyable as possible.  

Katie Sims

Katie Sims has been writing for Ideal Homes since spring 2022. She qualified from her Master’s in Media and Journalism in 2021 and has been writing freelance since. She has worked on Ideal Home’s ecommerce team where she researched the best home products on the market, and on the news team, researching the latest trends for feature pieces.