I tried the clever gadget that gives you Brita-purified running water without replacing the tap

Here's whether I think it's fab or a fad....

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Look, I love my purifying water jugs as much as the next person, but sometimes it feels a bit of a faff to pour water in, allow it to filter through before drinking and then remember to change the filter every couple of months (first world problems, I know).

However, things have changed as I've been using the new BRITA mypure Slim water filter system to give me that extra pure water straight from the tap. And, no, it didn't require me to change any of my current plumbing systems or even work out how to change a tap. Even better? It costs a tidy £120. 

Here's the low-down...

The Brita mypure Slim water filter

BRITA MyPure Slim beside box

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The Brita mypure Slim V-MF water filter system (to give it its full name), is a clever new gadget that allows you to turn your regular kitchen tap into one which supplies purified water. 

Rather than replacing your tap with a fancy new bells-and-whistles laden option, this filter sits under the sink and with a little DIY installation you can just retrofit it to your current setup. This way you can ensure you're using water that's clean of 99.999% of bacteria without having to add a second filter step to your day.


As soon as I heard about the filter I was excited to try it out. I'm slightly water-obsessed and get through a rather ridiculous amount on the daily, so I felt that I had the necessary qualifications to make a judgement.

Unfortunately, I failed at the first hurdle. The instruction manual and website promise easy DIY installation, and it even comes with a handy video showing you how to do this. However, after seeing that I had neither of the necessary tools - a pipe wrench and two 19mm wrenches - I called in the experts.

I was able to book a handyman using TaskRabbit, who came a few days later to fit the system for me. This was my first time using the service and I will definitely be using it again when I'm next stumped at a home project. I asked my Tasker to talk me through what he was doing and I do think if I had been more confident (and well equipped) then installation would have been fairly easy.

BRITA MyPure Slim fitted under sink

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Filter replacement

My under-sink space is very snug, but the filter is (as the name suggests) very slim and only about as big as a 1.5L bottle, so it was able to fit.

Once installed, you also need to add a separate time counter that measures the filter lifetime. This just peels and sticks to anywhere you want, I added mine to the inside of the cupboard door.

Each filter should last for a year (around 8,000L worth of water) before you need my change. Switching the filter is easier than installation, as both my Tasker showed me and the instructions described - it's just a matter of a push and pull motion.

Replacement filters cost £85 from the Brita website, but that's an annual cost compared to monthly replacements of bottle or jug filters which is a drop in the ocean, so to speak.

Brita mypure Slim water filter under sink

The filter in situ (Lenor scent boosters for scale!)

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I did notice a change in taste after the filter was installed - the water tasted more fresh and pure than it had. Previously I had to chill my tap water in a jug in the fridge to make it taste better.

However, the water pressure is definitely lower. It should operate from 2 to 6.9 bar and while I don't know what mine was at before or is now, it is definitely slower and less powerful. The filter is only connected to the cold water hose, so these both boost right up when I change to a hotter temperature. This does mean that at least
washing up with hot water isn't any slower or less powerful than it was before.

BRITA MyPure Slim beside box

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My verdict

Overall, if you're a fan of filtered water and want to make that even easier to provide, without having to replace your tap or plumbing system, then I think the mypure Slim is a great option. Just be aware that you may not have as much cold water pressure as you did before. 

And even though it's technically an easy installation, don't be embarassed to call in calvary like I did - it's what they're there for!

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