How to dress up a dresser

No country kitchen is complete without one …

Christmas is just around the corner and if you're planning on entertaining this festive season, it's time to address your dresser. Whether it's a freestanding unit or shelves atop a kitchen base unit, a dresser can influence the style and mood of your space - and is the ideal spot for a collection of your favourite plates.

Here's how to stack and store with style.

Feeling festive

room with wooden shelf on white wall

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Add a final flourish to your Christmas decorating by giving your dresser a festive makeover. Painting the dresser in two colours gives it a nice contrast, as does the mix of items displayed on it. Hang a Christmas wreath and foliage in front of layer of plates and cast an atmospheric glow with a sprinkling of fairy lights.


A place for everything ...

printed shelf with glass jars and clothes tied with ribbon

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Customising a dresser by lining the shelves with striped fabric allows laundry to be sorted by stacking it into neat piles, tied with a ribbon. Storage jars will keep laundry essentials, such as pegs, close to hand.

In the pink

room with pink wooden shelf with white dishes and wooden flooring

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Don't underestimate the power of pink. Warm up your country kitchen with a striking shell pink dresser, which works wonderfully with the weathered wood and rustic white ceramics in this kitchen from Neptune.

Pick a pattern

dining room with white glass fronted cabinet with kitchen dishes

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Using leftover wallpaper to cover a glass-fronted cabinet creates a decorative backdrop for special glassware and ceramics, and turns an ordinary piece of furniture into a focal point.

Moody blues

room with white doored cabinet with dishes and white tiled flooring

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Adding colour to a kitchen is a big step, so why not start by adding accent shades? This clever kitchen dresser from handmade kitchen company Martin Moore's (opens in new tab) Architectural collection is elegant on the outside and a brilliant jewel-like shade of blue on the inside.