Recycling solutions you can't live without

Looking for ways to boost your green credentials? Check out our pick of the best recycling solutions for your country kitchen or utility room

It's not easy being green when planning a beautiful country kitchen or utility room. Paper, glass and food waste all need separate containers, which can look messy and overcrowd a space. So, consider a single unit with compartments for sorting each type of recycling rather than using different boxes. If it has the same footprint as a normal waste bin, that's great; if the unit can be integrated behind pull-out cupboards, even better. Here are three neat options that will help you live a greener life without having to compromise on design.

Pilaster kitchen with a recycling pull-out drawer

(Image credit: TBC)

Pilaster kitchen, from £40,000, Smallbone of Devizes.

Cleaning bins isn't a chore any of us relish, but it's something we all have to do. Bins that can be easily removed and washed out will help to keep this household necessity a relatively painless one. ‘Innovative storage features are key to maximising space, as each function is carefully considered and a practical, bespoke design solution provided,' says Steven de Munnich, Design Director, Smallbone of Devizes. 'Bins are ideally suited to be concealed within pull-out cupboards as this enables them to be removed for cleaning and can be specifically designed to suit the local waste, recycling and composting requirements.'

Recycling bin within a marble counter-top with a knife and cut pear

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Bespoke kitchen, from £20,000, Charles Yorke.

Waste recycling units on work surfaces can look unsightly, so a good solution is to set a small circular compost bin directly into your worktop. The stylish American black walnut cover belies its rather mundane purpose. ‘This handy worktop bin can be positioned right next to your prep area allowing any food waste, such as peelings, to be elegantly swept away with minimal effort, keeping your surface clean and free from mess. The covers can be made in most wood finishes,' says Stephanie Dedes, Design and Marketing manager, Charles Yorke.

Natural colored open recycling drawer

(Image credit: TBC)

Natural Oak Shaker kitchen, from £25,000, Mereway Kitchens.

With everyone expected to recycle as much as possible and rubbish collections fewer and farther between, it's more important than ever to have somewhere to store everything. ‘The beauty of a functional kitchen is that clever recycling solutions can be incorporated within the design,' says Bruce Thomas, designer, Mereway Kitchens. 'A pull-out bin, for example, which looks like another cupboard from the outside but opens to reveal an ingenious storage and recycling unit. The secret drawer above enables storage of all the additional materials such as bin bags.'

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