Simple cleaning tips that will change your life

Need a few handy solutions to help make your home sparkle? Our quick and simple ideas will change your cleaning routine forever

Whether you're tackling a specific cleaning project or you just have a spare five minutes for a quick refresh, follow our step-by-step guide to help make your home sparkle.

1. Remove baked on grease from a baking tray
Dust some bicarbonate of soda across the tray

Add enough white vinegar to cover it.

The bicarbonate of soda will fizz as the acid in the solution breaks down grease

Use a scourer to work the solution into the tray Apply more to stubborn stains For really tough stains, leave the mixture for a few minutes Wash in warm water

black tray with cleaning liquid and soap

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2. Remove stubborn tea and coffee stains from mugs
Sprinkle bicarbonate on soda into the cup

Mix with a little water to make a paste

Work the solution in with a scourer
Rinse and dry

steel bowl with cups and water

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3. Polish silverware
Apply a little tomato ketchup to a toothbrush

Work the ketchup into the cutlery

Rinse in warm water and buff dry

cleaning cutlery with toothbrush

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