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Hi-gloss kitchens have become one of the most popular kitchen designs in recent years. Its modern, clean aesthetic, practicality and durability has earned it many admirers. And recently, with the dramatic increase of colour choices, white or grey is no longer the only option.

Here, a modern treatment is all that's needed to ease traditional wood into a chic scheme. Burr maple - a timber associated with farmhouse kitchens - has been updated with a grey stain and hi-gloss lacquer.

1/11 Modern kitchen with gloss wood island

modern kitchen area with sink and spout

(Image credit: TBC)

Look through our selection of the 10 best hi-gloss kitchen ideas...

2/11 Country-style kitchen

microwave in kitchen area

(Image credit: Future PLC/Darren Chung)

The gloss red finish of the kitchen in this barn-style kitchen was chosen for its striking contrast with the natural materials throughout the space.



3/11 Contrasting coloured cabinetry

modern kitchen with colored cabinetry

(Image credit: Future PLC/Darren Chung)

Personalise your space with bright highlights - the door pulls can be easily changed to a different shade. Handleless kitchen cabinets are a great way to create a sleek, streamlined feel.



4/11 Modern monochrome kitchen

modern monochrome kitchen

(Image credit: TBC)

Prevent black gloss cabinetry from appearing too dark by adding sleek white worktops and a wooden breakfast bar to warm the look.


5/11 Mixed materials kitchen

mixed materials kitchen

(Image credit: TBC)

Mixed materials are still on trend. The natural timber tones and texture of this walnut worktop are the perfect foil for the subtle grey wall of the hi-gloss cabinetry behind.

Urbo units by Roundhouse

6/11 Purple and white kitchen

purple and white colour finish in kitchen

(Image credit: TBC)

Make a bold statement with a wall of cabinetry in your favourite colour. Deep purple combined with bright white makes an elegant yet eye-catching combination.

Cool by John Lewis of Hungerford

7/11 Dark grey kitchen with a walnut island

dark grey kitchen with a walnut island

(Image credit: TBC)

Turn your island into a focal point with statement materials and a dramatic extractor fan overhead.

Crescent Curve by Metris

8/11 Two-tone kitchen with etched cabinetry

kitchen with etched cabinetry

(Image credit: TBC)

High-gloss units give this kitchen a chic look. Etched cabinetry is a cool and contemporary way to update tired-looking storage. Stop the scheme from looking too clinical by adding a rug, comfy seating and some pretty accessories.

Kitchen cabinetry
Pedini London

9/11 Gloss kitchen with lime and wood scheme

white chair with table in kitchen

(Image credit: TBC)

In this kitchen, hi-gloss units in zingy chartreuse are an on-trend choice, and create a perfect combination with the textured timber.

Wood kitchen
Puro Design

10/11 Hi-gloss white kitchen with L-shaped island

kitchen with l shaped island

(Image credit: TBC)

In this bright, light kitchen with hi-gloss white cabinetry, an L-shaped island with the same cabinetry creates a cohesive flow.

11/11 Hi-gloss kitchen with curved units

kitchen with curved unit

(Image credit: TBC)

In this sleek kitchen, gloss-wrapped vinyl doors and curved units create a layout that's not only sociable but family friendly, too - steering children away from hot spots and ensuring there are no sharp edges.

Nevada kitchen

Masterclass Kitchens

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