Green kitchen ideas – redecorate with a colour that’s both sophisticated and on trend

Many people love colour in other people’s homes, but are unsure of how to incorporate it into their own space

Use these great green kitchen ideas to get a perfect green kitchen to suite your style, budget and life. Green is a colour that we often associate with nature and freshness, and, used correctly, it can be an ideal shade for a kitchen. Crisp, bright leafy or lime green shades create a contemporary feel, while a paler, celery hue is an excellent option for a more subtle scheme. Add a fresh, organic feel to your kitchen by teaming a muted green with an off-white hue that is reminiscent of nature. An elegant, rich shade of green-grey on the walls will instantly warm up the space, creating a cosy, cocoon-like feel. Cool and refreshing, a mint hue will give your kitchen a bright and airy feel, while if your prefer a toned-down look, eau-de-nil-coloured cabinetry and furniture has an air of sophisticated Scandinavian design.

A great tip for picking the right shade is to be inspired by the shades of green found in the natural world – and in the kitchen, too! Think of a lime, an asparagus spear, a slice of cucumber, the skin of a cooking apple, a fragrant bunch of sage… Take a look at our pick of the best ways with this colour, and see if they leave you green with envy.

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1. Choose a colour palette that you will love for years to come

Green kitchen ideas

Image credit: Lizzie Omre

Move over grey, dark emerald green is the hottest colour of the moment. Pink painted walls give a fresh, pretty and modern contrast to the deep green, traditional-style Shaker cabinets. Make the most of your chosen green colour scheme by looking out for lighting that can enhance the look, like these ornate set of three pendant lights.

2. Opt for an earthy hue reminiscent of nature

Green kitchen ideas

Image credit: Richard Gadsby

A retro favourite, olive green is the perfect partner for dark wood mid-century furniture. The combination will give you a space that oozes warmth and comfort. You could be bold and use it on the walls or play it safe by using olive for the accessories and a rich neutral for the walls.

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3. Dare to contrast colours

Green kitchen ideas

Image credit: Robert Sanderson

Who says blue and green should never be seen together? This colour combination is daringly decadent, and completely throws the rule book out of the window. The contrasting colours work well to help define the space and separate the cooking and dining area.

4. Bring a cool vibe to a kitchen with this serene green

Green kitchen ideas

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

The refined pastel shade of the mineral jadeite is perfect for introducing a calm yet refreshing feel to a busy kitchen. Use it on base units and walls below the dado rail, then pair with bright white flooring, worktops and upper walls to add balance. The shade has a Fifties vibe, so it will look great teamed with wooden mid-century-style furniture, pale green crockery, and retro-look appliances to create a casual but chic heart of the home.

5. Work in wooden accessories

Green kitchen ideas

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

We like this subdued shade of olive here. Restful and sophisticated, it’s an easy-going colour without being bland. Soft green hues and wood work wonderfully when paired together. The combination will give you a space that oozes warmth and comfort. You could be bold and use it on the walls or play it safe by using olive for the accessories and a rich neutral for the walls. We recommend ramping up the country feel with plenty of rustic accessories.

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6. Make it modern

green kitchen ideas

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

Cast out your memories of your Grandma’s avocado kitchen, and give way to the new way to work green. Give green a modern flourish by teaming it with touches of silver. Turn the trends in your favour by painting wooden stools in two colours to create a ‘dipped’ effect. Green works well with just about any neutral colour, so magnolia is your friend here.

Will you be working a green colour scheme in your kitchen with these green kitchen ideas?

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