Green kitchen ideas – redecorate with a colour that’s both sophisticated and fresh

These beautiful green kitchen ideas will show you how to incorporate this invigorating, on-trend shade into the heart of your home
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  • Glorious green kitchen ideas are on trend but they also stand the test of time, thanks to the variety of different shades to suit all styles. Green is a colour we associate most with nature and, if used correctly, it can be an ideal shade to breathe life into a kitchen design.

    ‘In 2021 green kitchen cabinetry is set to be a new, key style,’ says Hayley Simmons, Head of Merchandising for Magnet. ‘Green can be equally dramatic and luxurious when used in the kitchen.’

    Two of the most popular shades of green for kitchens right now are sage and forest green. Both green, but each offering a totally different look, demonstrating the potential and power of using this invigorating colour in your kitchen. Choosing the right shade can make or break your desired design.

    Our pick of the best kitchen ideas that incorporate shades of green and more will help you plan the perfect kitchen scheme to suit your style and budget.

    Green kitchen ideas

    1. Contrast dark green with white

    Forest green kitchen cabinets against white walls

    Image credit: Wickes

    Bold green kitchen cabinets contrast brilliantly against white walls, as seen above, to soften the look. Using the contrasting look opens up the possibility for using a darker green in a smaller kitchen, because it helps to balance the light and dark. Enhance the light further in this otherwise dark kitchen colour scheme by choosing white worktops and tiles. 

    2. Go for gold

    An olive green kitchen with white worktops and walls and a brass tap

    Image credit: deVOL

    Enhance olive green kitchen units with touches of luxe. In this stylish kitchen gold taps, door handles and even hinges add an elegant finish to the delicious shade of green used on the cabinetry.

    3. Welcome a playful approach to colour

    Green kitchen cupboards with fish scale wall tiles and a statement light

    Image credit: Malcolm Menzies/ Pluck Kitchens

    This kitchen is a fine example of how to have fun with colour, with jade green cabinets and colourful fragments within the island worktop. Another design highlight is the unusual fan-shaped kitchen tile idea on the wall. ‘We had a vision for the kitchen,’ explains this homeowner, a design consultant @futureicons_ nonetheless.

    ‘Dark green is a favourite and terracotta tiles suit the age of our house. We knew we wanted a kitchen island, but not high-level units. The island top has green marble in it – a traditional material, but used in a contemporary way.’

    4. Style with sage

    Sage green Shaker kitchen cabinets in a U-shaped kitchen with wooden flooring

    Image credit: Matt Antrobus

    Sage is the shade of green to be seen in kitchens for 2021. Add a fresh, organic feel to your kitchen by teaming a muted sage green with an off-white hue that is reminiscent of nature.

    The white walls and worktops in this beautiful U-shaped kitchen idea help to keep the overall look fresh and clean. Ideal if you prefer a toned-down look, to offer an air of sophisticated Scandinavian design.

    5. Shine a spotlight on green

    Green kitchen cabinets with a narrow island  and wooden flooring

    Image credit: Magnet

    ‘Deep forest greens can be balanced out with latte shades, smoky glass and soft metallics to bring opulence to the kitchen. The addition of white marble and brass through design aspects like lighting and worktops, or even accessories, help to bounce the light around the space and offset the heavier hues,’ advises Hayley Simmons, Head of Merchandising for Magnet.

    6. Ensure elegance with a matte finish

    A large kitchen with green cupboards, grey stone flooring and white walls

    Image credit: Wren

    Let the striking colour stand out rather than shout. The easiest way to play down the impact of a strong colour is to choose a matte finish for kitchen cabinetry.

    In this Shaker-style kitchen, an elegant, rich shade of green-grey instantly warms up the space, creating a cosy, cocoon-like feel.

    Teaming subtle grey kitchen ideas, such as the tiled splashback, adds a hint of sophistication and complements the green perfectly.

    7. Make an impact with matching walls

    A green u-shaped kitchen with light flooring and pink bar stools

    Image credit: Wickes

    Create a stronger statement with a striking shade of forest green by using it liberally throughout the kitchen space. If you’re looking for smart painted kitchen ideas, match the same green hue on cabinets, low and wall-mounted, to the wall colour, as shown above.

    When it comes to styling with furniture and accessories, introducing soft pastels and metallics can help to add a softness and beautiful contrast.

    8. Introduce pattern

    A kitchen with pale green cabinets, mosaic tiled flooring and white drapes

    Image credit: Topps Tiles

    The kitchen area in this kitchen-diner is easily identified by the stylish patterned tiles from Topps Tiles. Choose a pattern that has colours or tones from both your cabinets and your worktops so that nothing jars. Think about the shapes too.

    In this modern kitchen, the geometric style of the table legs fits well with the geometric pattern on the tiles.

    9. Choose contrasting colours

    A dark green kitchen island with a marble worktop, pink walls with white metro tiles and metal bar stools

    Image credit: Lizzie Omre

    Move over grey, dark emerald green is the hottest colour of the moment. Subtle pink kitchen ideas, such as the pink painted walls shown above, give a fresh, pretty and modern contrast to the deep green, traditional-style Shaker cabinets.

    Make the most of your chosen green colour scheme by looking out for smart kitchen lighting ideas that can enhance the look, like these ornate set of three pendant lights.

    10. Create contrast with worktops

    Pale green kitchen cabinets and a wooden dining table

    Image credit: Colin Poole

    Take the look from light to dark with the addition of black worktops. Continue the dark choices throughout with black door handles and stylish sockets to match, giving a contemporary edge to a classic shade of country apple green.

    11. Dare to clash colours

    Light green cabinets with a blue island with upholstered bar stools

    Image credit: Robert Sanderson

    Who says blue and green should never be seen together? This colour combination is daringly decadent, and completely throws the rule book out of the window. The clashing colours work well to help define the space and separate the cooking and dining area.

    12. Complete a country kitchen with green

    A green kitchen with dark wooden worktops and light stone flooring

    Image credit: Nikki Crisp

    Use green to inject colour into a classic country kitchen idea. Choose a pale apple or sage green to keep the look fresh and light, rather than overwhelming. For true traditional style, pair with rustic wooden worktops and neutral flagstone floor tiles.

    Keep the walls bright in white, so not to distract from the look. Use open kitchen shelving ideas like the ones shown above to display farmhouse-style crockery, cake stands and classic Kilner jars filled with ingredients.

    13. Balance bold with safer furniture choices


    Image credit: Marks & Spencer

    Working with bold, dark colours like this sumptuous forest green is all about balance. Mix in neutral and pale tones through furniture, accessories or other paints, to lighten the space. If you’re painting walls deep green, do the ceiling in a crisp white.

    14. Mix things up

    A small u-shaped kitchen with wooden cupboards and a green ladder

    Image credit: Blakes London

    If the thought of a bold colour in the kitchen fills you with fear, there’s no need to go the whole hog. Try the effect shown here in this kitchen from Blakes London, by having painted wall units only. The rough hewn timber on the base cabinets creates a relaxed, rustic feel that works well with the soft green.

    15. Invite the outdoors in with subtle green

    A pale green kitchen with white worktops and white metal bar stools

    Image credit: Robert Sanderson

    Painted wood panelling on a breakfast bar matching the built-in kitchen cabinets helps to ensure this kitchen is immersed in this latest colour trend. The soft shade of apple green is subtle but effective enough to inject a touch of nature into this otherwise white kitchen. The use of house plants helps to add further greenery, welcoming a real touch of the outdoors inside.

    16. Go for warm tones

    A country style pale green kitchen with a cream Aga and bunting above

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    We may not automatically think of green as a warm colour, but there are many shades that have a cosiness about them, especially when teamed with creamy neutrals or warm metallics, like those in this country-style kitchen.

    17. Blend indoors and outdoors

    A large country kitchen with pale green cupboards, a wooden dining table and cream stone flooring

    Image credit: Polly Eltes

    If your kitchen overlooks your garden, soft green tones inside will be enhanced by the greenery outside and create a seamless palette. In a large space, pale green painted cabinetry and warm timber worktops will stop the space feeling stark, making even the largest kitchen feel warm and welcoming.

    18. Opt for a zingy hue

    A bright green splashback surrounded by dark green cupboards

    Image credit: Richard Gadsby

    Create a contemporary feel with crisp, bright leafy or lime green shades. A firm favourite and popular retro kitchen idea, olive green is the perfect partner for dark wood mid-century furniture.

    The combination will give you a space that oozes warmth and comfort. You could be bold and use it on the walls or play it safe by using olive for the accessories and a rich neutral for the walls.

    20. Go retro with mint green

    Aqua green kitchen cupboards with open shelving and a round table

    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    The refined pastel shade of the mineral jadeite is perfect for introducing a calm yet refreshing feel to a busy kitchen. Use it on base units and walls below the dado rail. This works well when paired with bright white kitchen flooring ideas, such as the one above, along with worktops and upper walls to add balance.

    The shade has a Fifties vibe, so it will look great teamed with wooden mid-century-style furniture, pale green crockery, and retro-look appliances to create a casual but chic heart of the home.

    21. Work in wooden accessories

    A pale green wall with storage and pegs attached holding kitchen items

    Image credit: Simon Whitmore

    We like this subdued shade of olive here. Restful and sophisticated, it’s an easy-going colour without being bland. Soft green hues and wood work wonderfully when paired together. The combination will give you a space that oozes warmth and comfort.

    You could be bold and use it on the walls or play it safe by using olive for the accessories and a rich neutral for the walls. We recommend ramping up the country feel with plenty of rustic accessories and shabby chic decorating ideas.

    What colour goes with green in a kitchen?

    This will depend on the shade in question. Deep and opulent shades are best matched with gold and brass accents and marble worktops for a modern and luxurious look. Soothing lighter shades of green are perfectly suited to rich shades of wood and warming neutrals, such as cream and linen, all enhancing the subtle warm undertones of green.

    How do you decorate a green kitchen?

    How you choose to decorate a green kitchen will be decided by the style choice; traditional or modern, country or contemporary. To fully immerse your space choose green painted cabinets and add a splash of paint on the walls.

    For a softer approach choose green cabinets but decorate the room with a neutral wall colour. To dip your toe into decorating your kitchen with green, leave the cabinets in a neutral shade and paint the walls green instead.

    A general rule when using a bold colour in the kitchen is to strike a balance. Therefore the darker the tone of green on the cabinets the lighter the colour should be on the floors to create a sense of balance. And vice versa with light green shades.

    For those looking to introduce calming green tones into their kitchen design try lighter shades of sage green and eau-de-nil-coloured cabinetry and furniture.

    The subtly stylish shades will incorporate a pop of pastel into your home, bringing a light, fresh feel to the kitchen. To decorate a traditional setting, pair these soothing shades with natural wood worktops and stone flooring. To make the lighter shades feel more contemporary, pair with touches of black marble and black ironwork.

    A great tip for picking the right shade is to be inspired by the shades of green found in the natural world and in the kitchen, too! Think of a lime, an asparagus spear, a slice of cucumber, the skin of a cooking apple, or a fragrant bunch of sage.

    Will you be working a green colour scheme in your kitchen with these green kitchen ideas?

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