Salvage style: Make your own Mason jar pendant light

It’s really not as difficult as it sounds – with a little creativity and a steady hand, you can create a statement pendant light fitting using the humble preserving jar.

From practical to decorative there are so many ways to upcycle a Mason jar. Use for cocktails at weddings or turn into a vase or soap dispenser. For the more advanced Mason jar-upcyclers, have you had a go at turning them into a pendant light? Used with a low wattage bulb they create a super warm glow and will add a real statement to a corner of your home.

STYLE TIP: Make a few and hang in a cluster as an interesting alternative to a chandelier.

living room with grey wall and sofaset with cushions

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You will need:

1 vintage-style bulb socket and coloured flex 1 large screw-top Mason jar 1 hammer 1 nail Heatproof glue A maximum 30W light bulb

Gather the components above, then follow these intructions to construct the pendant:

1. Unscrew the bulb socket. Open a screw-top Mason jar and take out the inner flat lid. Place one half of the bulb socket on top of the flat jar lid and draw around it.

2. Use a hammer and a nail to punch holes along the circle you have drawn on the lid. Eventually the inner piece will fall out - the edges will be jagged, so take care.

3. Screw up the bulb socket on either side of the flat lid, sandwiching the lid between the two pieces.

4. Prevent overheating by hammering several air holes in the lid using a hammer and nail, and fixing in a low-wattage light bulb (30W or less). Screw up the outer lid of the Mason jar.

5. Ask an electrician to attach the flex to your mains light.

Hang a few jar pendants in a group as an interesting alternative to a chandelier.


Try Urban Cottage Industries for interesting coloured fabric cable.

Trawl for vintage Mason jars. 

mason jar light with coloured fabric cable

(Image credit: TBC)

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