Six plush living rooms that are made for lounging

Stretch out and enjoy the view from these epic spaces

With our hectic modern lifestyles, all of us need a space to chillax and there's only one place inside a house that really hits the spot. Kitchen-diners are great for socialising and catching up with the family on the day's events and bathrooms and bedrooms are the ultimate in me-time locations, but when you want to unwind and let your mind wander, only a comfy, embracing living room will do.

We've picked out six fantastic spaces that encourage you to kick back and let the world go hang... If only for a little while.

1. The natural wonder

living room with rattan furniture ethnic art and wooden flooring

(Image credit: TBC)

Rattan furniture, untreated timber and ethnic art all add to this space's exotic vibe, but it's that button-upholstered seating that we really dig. Tactile and tempting, nothing quite beats the feel of smooth, sensual leather.

2. The artful arrangement

living room with sofa and chandelier

(Image credit: TBC)

Wherever you look in this carefully crafted space, you'll find something unusual to catch the eye. Whether it's a minimal collection of stones or a series of monochrome art, the ambience the scheme instils is seductive and soothing.

3. The funky fashionista

living room with white wall and yellow sofa

(Image credit: TBC)

At the other extreme, this living area is fizzing with energy - just the kind of place for clever types to get together and bounce ideas around about the next big thing. Just go easy on the lattes, though, otherwise you could be up all night...

4. The classically modern

living room with white wall and frame on wall

(Image credit: TBC)

Antique mirror glass, ornate brass fixtures and a stunning parquet floor may pay tribute to traditional style, but the artwork and artefacts on show hint at a different look - a relaxed, offbeat take on elegant urban living.

5. The bookworm

reading room with grey wall book shelves on wall and white floor

(Image credit: TBC)

With a wealth of literature at your fingertips, this cosy reading nook is just the place to curl up and get away from it all. Or, if you're in a sociable mood, keep the door open and chat to your partner in the other room.

6. The shining light

living room with white wall and brown sofa

(Image credit: TBC)

A striking use of symmetry, seen in the matching sconces, twin floor lamps and a centrally placed pendant, keep the focus firmly where it belongs – on that beautiful bay window. Even better, the light fittings’ delicate, translucent shapes allow the flow of evening sunshine to be uninterrupted.

So take a seat… And relax.


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