What’s hot in woodburning stoves

Stay as warm as toast this autumn and rest-up beside a stylish woodburning stove.

Blessed with natural warmth, intelliegent efficiency and oh-so appealing looks, the latest designs have it all!

1. BEST FOR… Versatility

This stove comes in woodburner and multifuel options with outputs to suit different room sizes and heating needs. ‘A woodburning stove is both energy efficient and looks beautiful as you can turn the oxygen feed to the fire down for a slow long-lasting burn or up for a fast and furious flame,’ says Paul Chesney, Managing Director, Chesney’s. ‘Either way the logs last much longer and the heat output is substantial.’

2. BEST FOR… Statement style

‘This contemporary design with a pedestal and three large viewing panes is ideal for a freestanding situation, rather than being tucked away in an alcove,’ says Vicky Naylor, General Manager, ACR Heat Products. ‘If the stove is fitted adjacent to an external wall, the flue can exit through the wall. Alternatively, it can be taken upwards,through the room above and exit through the roof. Check the suitability for this with your registered installer.’

3. BEST FOR… Efficiency

‘Recently we’ve noticed greater demand for stoves with large glass windows, which offer a fantastic “flame picture”,’ says Nigel Morrison, Marketing Manager, Aga Stoves. ‘Systems such as our Active Airflow help to keep the glass clear by creating the optimum conditions for combustion and burning off any solid particles or volatile gases. Such systems also ensure that a stove burns efficiently and maintains optimum heat output.’

4. BEST FOR… Smoke control areas

If you live in a town or city, the chances are you’re in a Smoke Control Area, and the fuels you are permitted to burn are limited. ‘In this case only authorised smokeless fuels can be used in a multifuel stove,’ says Marcus Eastwood, Senior Technical Advisor, Stovax. ‘If you wish to burn wood, your stove must, like this one, be suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas, meeting Defra standards for particularly low emissions.’

5. BEST FOR… Colour

‘Though Black and Almond are our most popular stove colours, we are seeing a growing trend in colours such as Bronze,’ says Ced Wells,Director, Charnwood. ‘The soft, warmer tone works particularly well for the country home. We also sell paint touch-up kits to easily repair any knocks or scratches or even recolour the whole stove if you fancy a change.’

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