Blue sofa living room ideas – 10 ways to style statement colour

From regal royal blue to oceanic teals and shades of denim, a blue sofa is a dream to work into your decor

We've seen the colour blue come in and out of vogue over the years when it comes to decorating, but if you like a dreamy, relaxing interior palette, then you really can't go wrong with this colour. Blue sofa living room ideas are perfect for getting some inspiration and, as it's such a versatile colour, you can be sure a blue sofa will work whatever your home style, from period properties with luxuriously tall ceilings to the cosiest of spaces where deep, soothing blue can help draw us in.

Blue sofa living room ideas

Finding the right blue sofa can be tricky, as there are so many different shades of blue and materials from which to choose. Do you want something deep and moody, or would you prefer a light, pastel shade?

Perhaps you'd like to go for a Hamptons-style coastal living room feel, in which case a relaxed denim material might be more in keeping? Or are you after a luxe scheme where only a sumptuous velvet will do?

We all see colour differently, so while some will find blue to be an energising colour, others will find it more calming. Decide on the ambience you'd like to create in your living room idea and pick out the best shade of blue accordingly.

Decide if you'd like a curved sofa or something more box-shaped, then consider the decor in the rest of the room. Need some inspiration? We've got 10 great ideas to get you started…

1. Add natural materials for a rustic effect

living room with blue sofaset and wooden flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Polly Eltes)

When you think of blue, what comes to mind? Is it the sky on a beautiful summer's day, or the depths of the sea when it's rough and stormy? Either way, it's likely that you'll be linking it to the outside elements, which is what makes it such a great colour to use alongside other nature-inspired materials.

'Blue shades help reconnect us with the sky and landscape,' says Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux. 'They visually melt walls away and make small rooms appear much bigger, which is perfect for when you are feeling hemmed in and under stress.'

Mixing your blue sofa with wood furniture, like coffee tables and sideboards, along with woven rugs, and wicker or rattan light shades and accessories will create not only a relaxed feel, but also one that's nurturing and cosy. Bleached denim, Ikat prints, tie-dye and chunky knits are ideal for cushions and throws, so pile them on for added interest.

2. Introduce metallic elements

living room with blue sofaset

(Image credit: MY Furniture)

If you enjoy a smart interior, then royal or navy blue is the colour for you and to make it even more luxurious, add in elements of gold or brass. From cushions and vases, to glass-topped coffee tables and small gold splashes in a rug, it's easy to create a slick scheme that's vibrant without being overpowering, bold without being shouty.

It's also worth noting that leaving the walls white will allow your sofa colour to sing and make the dramatic impact it was meant for.

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3. Opt for summery pastel blues

living room with white table and arm chair with cushions

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Powder blue, duck-egg, baby blue and even cornflower and sky blue will all add a soft, soothing and almost ethereal quality to your living room, especially if you team your sofa with equally light walls and summery pastel accessories. Like with a grey sofa living room idea a lighter shade of blue will prove a timeless choice, while still welcoming colour.

Pile on the pretty with floral prints, fresh blooms and bird motifs, and keep skirting and woodwork crisp white to ensure your scheme stays feeling fresh.

4. Go tone on tone

living room with blue sofaset with cushions

(Image credit: DFS)

There's nothing to say that just because you have a sofa in a bold colour, that the rest of your living room scheme needs to be neutral. In fact, choosing a slightly different tone of the same colour for your walls can create a cocooning feel, which although a brave choice is also deeply cosy.

Continue to inject blue throughout your living room, with rugs, cushions and accessories, and you'll create lovely blue layers and a striking effect.

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5. Create a colour splash

living room with sofaset and rug on floor

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Combining different colours with your blue sofa doesn't mean your living room won't look considered and smart. Pick out three or four colours, and then work them in using different tones of each. For example, the strongest colour here is the lilac-blue, but you can also see lime-green, a more aqua blue and a few tiny elements of pale pink.

Decide on two colours that you'll use the most, then add accents of the others, to keep your interior feeling balanced.

6. Keep it feeling cosy

living room with blue walls and wooden flooring

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Blue is often thought of as a cool colour, which can put some people off of using it in a living room, but add in some earthy colours and plenty of tactile soft furnishings and it can feel beautifully cosy.

Here, a dark blue has been teamed with soft greys and silvers, while the curtains and log store add rich brown tones. Still not convinced? Pile on a sheepskin or deep-pile rug and you'll ramp up that cosy feel immediately.

7. Use an L-shape for a large open space

living room with wooden flooring and blue sofaset

(Image credit: Sofology)

If you have a particularly large living room, that's hard to fill, or an awkward-shaped room that you're having problems finding a sofa for, why not turn to a modular design? Being able to move the pieces of your sofa around to fit your space means you can tailor it to room's dimensions – and it's ideal should you move as you can just do the same again in your new living room.

Pairing this large L-shaped blue velvet sofa against brick and concrete-effect walls, with no other elements of blue, means that it quickly becomes the star of the show.

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8. Blend a blue sofa with monochrome

living room with blue sofaset and flower in vase

(Image credit:

Give your living room a masculine vibe by punctuating an inky blue scheme with bold hits of monochrome. From the wide black-and-white stripes on the wall behind the sofa, to the black-coloured shutters and shapely sofa legs, the colours work together to bring you modern, quirky living room decor that's moody and elegant.

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9. Create a well-travelled feel

living room with wooden flooring and sofaset with cushions

(Image credit: Home Essentials)

Let your blue sofa become the base for a scheme that's full of scorching shades of umber, sand and terracotta, evoking the feel of far-flung destinations. Opt for a hand-woven or Berber rug that looks as though you could have picked it up in a Moroccan souk, while ceramics should have an ethnic or hand-crafted feel to the them.

Lastly, choose your furniture wisely – rich-coloured wood such as walnut or cherrywood is perfect for this look.

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10. Go all out with teals and greener shades of blue

living room with printed wall and blue sofaset

Honeycomb 4-seater Grand Split sofa in Honeycomb Teal All Over, £2,399

(Image credit: Sofology)

Deep and enveloping, yet never overwhelming, teal blue comes in a breadth of tones and works just as well with green as it does with blue. Despite it's warmth, it's also a colour that you can dress up and down – metallic elements keep it feeling cool and classy, while small pops of black or deep brown will help ground your scheme.

You can see here that a teal sofa sits in front of a heavily-patterned papered wall, while the others have been painted in a very pale blue, with peppermint-green woodwork. It's a striking combination that's unique, luxurious and almost fantastical, yet still highly liveable.

If this is your first foray into the world of blue, combining it with green as has been done here will help you create a dreamy, ocean-inspired living room that won't fail to impress.

How do I pick a blue sofa?

While neutrals and greys remain perennially popular, blue has become a go-to upholstery colour – but which one to choose? 'Start by thinking about the other pieces in your room,' advises Suzy McMahon, buying director at Sofology.

'Are you refreshing the entire space or simply updating your sofa? Consider whether you are looking to achieve a tonal scheme, where the chosen fabric will sit with neutrals or other shades of blue, or a more maximalist aesthetic where the sofa is hero-ed and becomes the statement piece. Whichever direction you choose, it helps if you put together swatches of your chosen upholstery, paints, wallpaper, flooring and accessories so that you can ensure your scheme feels balanced and harmonious.'

Next, consider the type of fabric you'd like. 'There's an abundance of choice so think about the practicalities as well as the look and feel,' says Suzy. 'Velvets are on trend and offer a touch of luxury, chenille makes for a more hard-wearing alternative and woven mixed fabrics offer durability. You can also find other interesting options such as boucle, recyclable eco fabrics and microfibres, which are easy to clean and will withstand the wear and tear of a busy family home.'

'Be sure to think about scale, too,' Suzy continues. 'You'll want a sofa you can stretch out on and relax, but it’s important to measure out the space and ensure your choice fits snugly with enough room to walk around. This can also effect the choice of blue as larger sofas can feel more imposing in darker colours, unless you have a big enough room.'

What paint colours work with a blue sofa?

Unsure about the best colour for your walls? 'A blue sofa is a perennial favourite, so it is a good idea to think about the shade of the blue cloth when considering your wall colour,' says Patrick O'Donnell, brand ambassador for Farrow & Ball. 'A navy-blue sofa looks elegant and timeless when paired with a clean white such as All White. However, if blue and white isn’t your thing, navy also looks particularly good with a jewel-toned green such as Emerald Green. Gunmetal blues work perfectly with contemporary neutrals with a touch of green or grey undertone, such as Shaded White or Old White.'

'You could also try Denim Blue, which looks beautiful when paired with a soft faded rose pink, either light or dark,' Patrick continues. 'Think Sulking Room Pink at the deeper end or Potted Shrimp at the paler end of the pink scale. Teal blue sofas look great paired with tonal or paler blues. You can consider aqua tinted blues (they contain a little green pigment, which gives a touch of warmth) like Pale Powder or something cleaner like Parma Gray.'

'Or try using a pale white or grey with an underlying blue note against a pale blue sofa  – a paint colour like Blackened, for example, is ideal for something simple yet classic.'

What curtains or blinds should I choose with a blue sofa?

Making sure your soft furnishings work with your sofa colour is key for a harmonious scheme. 'If, like many people, you’re planning to put your sofa in front of the window in your living space, then it’s really important to choose the right colour for your curtains, as they’ll provide the backdrop against which your sofa will sit,' says Yvonne Keal, senior product manager at Hillarys

'Decide first whether you want your window dressing to complement or provide a contrast to the blue of your sofa. White curtains can work well as they’ll make the sofa stand out if you want it to be the main focal point in the room. They’re also a great choice for anyone who wants to keep their space simple and crisp.  Cream curtains bring a similar effect to the white, but with a warmer vibe that can help balance out the cool-toned blue and create calm and serene spaces.'

living room with blue sofaset with cushions

(Image credit: Future PLC/ Ryan Wicks)

'Opting for blue curtains can also work, but comes with a watch out as it can make the room feel a bit monotonous,' Yvonne continues. 'I’d suggest mixing it up by choosing a different tone of blue between the curtains and the sofa so there’s more of a contrast. So, for example, pair light blue curtains with an indigo sofa or go dark blue with a lighter blue. My personal favourite is to go for a brave colour choice and team orange and blue together. As contrasting colours on the colour wheel, they work incredibly well together and will look stunning.' 

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