Surprisingly inexpensive living room ideas you'll love

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Updating your living room design and style doesn't mean you need to set aside loads of cash and even more time and effort. There are plenty of ways to update your front room scheme on budget and over a few hours or even the weekend - rather than weeks and weeks.

Rather than re-painting your entire room, think instead about little tweaks and additions you can make to the room. Product wise, these could include wall mirrors and art, alongside soft furnishings such as rugs and cushions.

If you're not in the market for more clutter, think instead about re-arranging your furniture. New positions for your key items (sofa, TV, arm chair etc) can revolutionise your room and really maximise the space you have available - however big or small.

1/10 Wall stickers on a single wall

living room with wooden floor and lather sofa

(Image credit: future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

If you're looking for an alternative to hanging artwork or mirrors, then consider funky wall stickers for a bare living room wall. They take hardly any time at all to put up and they come in lots of designs, colours and sizes. They're also a great choice if you live in a rented house, as they can be removed without marking the walls. Choose a design in a contrasing shade to your accessories so it really stands out.

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2/10 Overmantel living room mirror

living room with fireplace and mirror

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

Large mirrors are great for adding impact to a living room - and you don't even need to pick up a paintbrush! Choose an interesting shape to really draw the eye. With full-length mirrors you also have the option of standing them on the floor and leaning them against a wall - always remember to still secure them properly so they won't fall if accidentally knocked.

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3/10 Budget alcove storage

room with storage area with books on white shelves

(Image credit: Future PLC/Matt Cant)

There's no need to buy expensive storage options, such as sideboards, for your living room. Instead, make use of alcoves and fit budget shelves to store books, framed photographs and accessories. Choose a design that's the same colour as your walls (or paint them), so they blend in to your decor. Fit the shelves from floor to ceiling if your living room is compact and you need all the storage space you can muster.

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4/10 Removable sofa covers

living room with wooden floor and pillows on white sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/Simon Whitmore)

Removable covers that can be put in the washing machine are a godsend - especially if you have children or pets. If possible, choose a sofa design that can be updated with a variety of covers so you can change your living room look in a flash for very little outlay. Or, why not mix and match sofa covers for a relaxed look? Just add a few co-ordinating cushions and you're all set.

Similar sofa with removable covers

5/10 Fireplace with logs

room with white wall and fireplace

(Image credit: Future PLC/Colin Poole)

If you're not one of the lucky ones who has a working fire, fear not - try this budget-friendly and eye-catching look instead. Fill the space with logs, arranged in a neat pile, for a rustic touch that will add a lovely homely feel to your living room. At Christmas, simply drape a string of fairy lights over and around the logs for a dash of festive twinkle.

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living room with frames on wall and lather sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/Bridget Pierson)

The living room is where you'll spend the majority of your time with your family, so use the space to display your favourite photos and artwork, arranged in a stylish gallery. All you'll have to buy is a selection of frames, which can be picked up cheaply at stores such as Ikea, Dunelm or Matalan. Be inspired by this display and choose frames in a range of sizes and pop some on a ledge for added interest.

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7/10 Second-hand furniture

living room with frames on wall and sofa with table

(Image credit: Future PLC/Bridget Pierson)

If you're after new furniture for your living room, one of the cheapest ways to kit out your space is with second-hand pieces. Look online or take a trip to your local antiques fair and scour charity shops. If you're really lucky, you can even pick up furniture bargains at car-boot sales. If you can't find matching pieces, paint them in the same shade for a cohesive look.

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8/10 Colourful living room accessories

living room with frames on white wall and pillows on sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/Philip Lauterbach)

Accessories can work wonders to give a living room a brand-new look on a budget. Simply swap your cushion covers or cushions for designs in a new colour, or pop a patterned rug on the floor to add a bold look underfoot. Why not wake up your lighting, too, by choosing a colourful pendant shade? Match it to vases, table lamps and picture frames to increase the effect.

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9/10 Simple fire surround

living room with white wall and fireplace

(Image credit: Future PLC/Sussie Bell)

Fireplaces form a natural focal point in a living room, but if yours feels uninspiring, frame it with a simple wooden fire surround. This design has been painted white so it contrasts with the deep-grey chimney breast and really catches the eye. You can even make it yourself - just three lengths of wood are all you need, with a mitred 45º angle. To finish, just style with your favourite accessories.

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10/10 Feature living room wallpaper

living room with grey wallpaper on wall and lather brown sofa

(Image credit: Future PLC/sussie Bell)

Ready to get stuck into some DIY? Then pasting up a feature wall could be the project for you and one that will transform your living room. It's easy to keep costs down by putting paper on just one wall, as two or three rolls is usually plenty. Geometrics, botanical prints, plus yellows and teals are all big news right now. Look out for paste-the-wall designs to make hanging easier.

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