Surprisingly inexpensive living room ideas you’ll love

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Updating your living room design and style doesn’t mean you need to set aside loads of cash and even more time and effort. There are plenty of ways to update your front room scheme on budget and over a few hours or even the weekend – rather than weeks and weeks.

Rather than re-painting your entire room, think instead about little tweaks and additions you can make to the room. Product wise, these could include wall mirrors and art, alongside soft furnishings such as rugs and cushions.

If you’re not in the market for more clutter, think instead about re-arranging your furniture. New positions for your key items (sofa, TV, arm chair etc) can revolutionise your room and really maximise the space you have available – however big or small.

Image credit: Simon Whitmore
Image credit: Simon Whitmore
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Image credit: Simon Whitmore
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Image credit: Bridget Pierson
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Image credit: sussie Bell

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