The best alternatives to chocolate Easter eggs

Easter can often mean chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. Go for these alternatives if you're trying to be good... (Hint: There's cheese)

Over 80 million Easter eggs are sold annually in the UK, and children receive an average of 8.8 Easter eggs every year. That’s a lot of chocolate! For some people it's the best part of the year - tucking into your favourite chocolate at 8am on a Sunday morning rivals Christmas in it's decadence - but for those of us who can't or won't eat traditional Easter fare, what can we hope the bunny will bring?

Thankfully there are plenty of Easter egg alternatives and gifts to choose from if you’ve given up sugar or you’re trying to stay healthy. Here's a selection of our favourites.

Holland and Barrett’s Good Life No Added Sugar Easter Egg

easter egg chocolate in yellow box

(Image credit: TBC)

Cutting out sugar but can’t resist a chocolate fix? Holland and Barrett’s Good Life No Added Sugar Easter Egg is made from cocoa butter, soya flours, cacao mass, xylitol, and sunflower lecithin. It has no added sugar, plus it’s dairy, gluten, and nut-free, so it’s ideal for anyone with allergies and intolerances, as well as for those simply watching their calorie intake.

So Wrong It's Nom and Wildes Cheese's "Cheester Egg"

cheester egg cream and white colour chocolate in wooden bowl

(Image credit: TBC)

For many people, the “Cheester Egg” is a dream come true. What more could you want than to bite into 260g of solid cheese, beautifully hand made into the perfect egg shape? The presentation box is adorable too.

Emma Bridgewater’s Personalised Easter Chick Mug

white coffee mug with coloured printed chicks

(Image credit: TBC)

For those less interested in edible gifts, this personalised Easter Chick Mug is a great alternative. Hand painted with cute little chicks, this gift is suitable for children and adults alike.

Posh Totty Designs' 'Easter Eggling' Grow Your Own Plant Kit

green plants in white pots and brown plates

(Image credit: TBC)

Another original alternative to an edible egg, this Grow-Your-Own-Plant kit is particularly popular in Japan. Crack open the egg’s top to discover a filling of seeds and soil. Simply water the mixture, place in a bright spot, and watch your plant grow!

Hotel Chocolat’s Vegan Hard-Boiled Easter Egg – 70% dark

dark chocolate in purple box

(Image credit: TBC)

This vegan-friendly Easter egg from Hotel Chocolat is so rich and crisp, you can barely tell it’s dairy-free. The hint of sea salt gives the flavour added depth, and if this wasn’t satisfying enough, it comes with six creamy and indulgent hazelnut praline truffles. On top of all this it is beautifully presented in a chic purple box. Don’t mind if we do...

Silicone Bunny Fried Egg Mold

fried egg using silicone bunny mold on green plate

(Image credit: TBC)

For children, Easter tends to mean Easter eggs, but why not give them chicken eggs instead? Use this bunny-shaped egg mold to fry your eggs in the shape of the Easter bunny. They can’t argue that these aren’t “Easter Eggs”!

Play-doh’s Creative Egg

plastic eggshell for child friendly easter decorations.

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Chances are your little one will already be receiving more than enough chocolate eggs this year. Get imaginative with Play-doh’s Creative Egg – a plastic eggshell filled with pots of different coloured play-doh! Perfect for keeping them entertained for the rest of the school holidays. Hide them as part of your usual Easter egg hunt or get the kids to make a few animals and eggs for your child-friendly Easter decorations.

So there we have it - a few ideas to make sure the vegans, sugar-free and self-controlled all get a little something to open on Easter morning. Did we miss anything? Let us know your own Easter egg alternatives on our Facebook or Twitter page.