8 fun facts you never knew about Easter eggs

Keep guests entertained over Sunday dinner with cracking chocolate egg trivia…

1. The UK's first chocolate egg was made by Fry's of Bristol in 1873

colourful chocolates eggs in white cup

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Before that, people would make do with hollow cardboard versions – or a hand-painted boiled egg if they were lucky!

2. The average time for cracking into your first Easter egg is

chocolate eggs in egg container om wooden surface

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11am on Easter Sunday morning...

3. But 43 per cent of children admit to giving into temptation before the big day

We wonder how many adults can say the same? Guilty as charged!

4. Over 500 million Cadbury's Crème eggs are made in a year

If you piled them all on top of each other, they'd be ten times higher than Mount Everest!

5. The world's tallest chocolate Easter egg was unveiled in Italy on 16 April 2011

chocolate designed eggs in glass jar

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Standing 10.39 metres tall and weighing 7,200kg, it was taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant!

6. The origin of the ‘crocodile finish' you see on Easter eggs today

This traditional decorative design was originally designed to disguise minor imperfections that would otherwise be obvious on a smooth chocolate shell.

7. The world's most expensive edible Easter egg was made in 2006

It was created by La Maison du Chocolat and had over a hundred half-carat diamonds encrusted into the shell. The price tag? A whopping £50,000!

8. It's not all about eggs when it comes to Easter treats

designed egg and rabbit with flowers

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Chocolate bunnies are a seasonal favourite, too. But how do you eat yours? According to a survey carried out by the National Confectioners Association, 76 per cent of people eat the ears first, while only 4 per cent start with the tail...