10 of the best Amazon cleaning tools to buy for your 2021 spring clean

These Amazon cleaning tools are used and loved by the likes of Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon
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  • Spring cleaning? Keep scrolling to see our favourite Amazon cleaning tools to help you do this job with little effort. In fact, these cleaning tools will ensure 2021’s spring clean is the easiest of them all – and you need only buy them once as they can be used time after time. Whether it’s time to deep clean your radiators, your window tracks need a good dusting or you want to transform an otherwise tired-looking carpet, we’re here to tell you what to buy. Because sometimes a damp cloth and some spray just can’t do the job…

    Prime members, you already know that you can buy (some of) these cleaning tools today and use them tomorrow, so what are you waiting for?

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    Keep scrolling for the 10 best Amazon cleaning tools to buy right now, as highly rated by reviewers and loved by us. Some of these Amazon buys are even used by Mrs Hinch and Stacey Solomon…

    10 best Amazon cleaning tools

    Magnetic Window Cleaner Double Sided – £12.96 at Amazon

    Magnetic Window Cleaner Double Sided

    Image credit: BEI & HONG Store

    If you have a window or four that’s hard to clean on the outside due to being up high, then this magnetic window cleaner can help do the job. It only works on single-glazed windows but it will save you tonnes of time and lots of effort. Simply enough, you use it to clean both sides of your window at once after spraying your cleaner. From inside, that is. It has a safety strap to keep the device attached to your wrist at all times, and it’s very easy to use.

    Buy now: Magnetic Window Cleaner Double Sided, £12.96, Amazon

    AIEVE Window Track Cleaning Brush – £5.99 for two at Amazon

    AIEVE Window Track Cleaning Brush

    Image credit: AIEVE

    Cleaning in between your window tracks can be hard – and very wasteful if you are using a single-use cleaner. This brush fits perfectly in this gap, to rid your track of dust or dirt, and to make your window look brand new. Not just for cleaning window tracks, this smartly shaped brush is perfect for dusting teeny cracks that are hard to get into.

    Buy now: AIEVE Window Track Cleaning Brush, £5.99, Amazon

    AIEVE Radiator Cleaner Brush – £10.99 at Amazon

    AIEVE Radiator Cleaner Brush

    Image credit: AIEVE

    Wondering how to clean a radiator after a cold winter? Use one of these brushes to do the job with ease and speed. It has a long handle that is wooden for easy gripping, while the nylon brushes are anti-scratch to keep your radiator looking shiny.

    Cleaning your radiator not only improves its efficiency but removing deep dust can prevent fire hazards. This cleaner also has a hanger for easy storing in your cleaning cupboard.

    Buy now: AIEVE Radiator Cleaner Brush, £10.99, Amazon

    Nano Towels Stainless Steel Cleaner Chemical Free Cleaning Towel – £21.50 at Amazon

    Nano Towels Stainless Steel Cleaner Chemical Free Cleaning Towel

    Image credit: Nano Towels

    This smart cleaning towel can remove streaks, smudges and fingerprints from all stainless steel surfaces – from a hob to a sink or your fridge. Using only water, to make it safe for use around pets and kind on your hands. It’s also scratch-resistant to polish your stainless steel to a brilliant finish, and this one cleaning towel can be used everywhere from your garage to your bathroom and your kitchen. Wave goodbye to toxic cleaning chemicals, and hello to the shine…

     Buy now: Nano Towels Stainless Steel Cleaner Chemical Free Cleaning Towel, £21.50, Amazon

    Vicloon Bottle Cleaning Brushes – £5.89 for a pack of 13 at Amazon

    Vicloon Bottle Cleaning Brushes

    Image credit: Vicloon

    If you have a few glasses or bottles that you struggle to clean with your regular sponge, this set of cleaning brushes ought to leave them looking shiny. Great for anything from baby bottles to pint glasses, 13 different size brushes come in a pack, all of which are 21cm long so that you can do your cleaning with ease. All of the brushes come on a detachable keyring for easy storing, while they are even dishwasher safe. Better get cleaning everything from the spout of your favourite teapot, your reusable straw collection. You’ll be surprised at just how handy these will become.

    Buy now: Vicloon Bottle Cleaning Brushes, £5.89, Amazon

    ACE2ACE Pet Hair Remover Roller

    ACE2ACE Pet Hair Remover Roller

    Image credit: ACE2ACE

    Pet owners know the struggle of trying to remove stray hairs from a sofa, rug or pretty much anywhere, really. Which is why this roller will prove to be more than handy for cleaning your stairs, sofa or a favourite spot – and ridding it of their hair. It’s easy to use, simple to empty and it even works on human hair and even dust. Multipurpose is a word that springs to mind.

    Buy now: ACE2ACE Pet Hair Remover Roller, £13.99, Amazon

    BISSELL SpotClean Pro – £149 at Amazon

    BISSELL SpotClean Pro

    Image credit: BISSELL

    For deep cleaning and removing stains from upholstery and furniture, the BISSELL SpotClean Pro is an impressive piece of kit. Whether it’s a pet stain on your carpet, a red wine stain on your sofa, some spilt dinner on your rug or wet mud in your car, this cleaner is more than easy to use with only water and the solution required to vanish stains. It’s powerful so rest assured it can transform tired furniture with ease, as well as clean it, and it has a large water tank to make big jobs easier. That and storing it is a breeze since it wraps away neatly.

    Buy now: BISSELL SpotClean Pro, £149, Amazon

    Glass & Ceramic Hob Scraper Knife Cleaner – £9.99 at Amazon

    Glass & Ceramic Hob Scraper Knife Cleaner

    Image credit: HELLOCAM

    Use this cleaning knife for scraping off tough stains and dirt, from everywhere including your hob and your oven. It can remove burned-on food without being destroyed, unlike scourers or sponges, while it’s scratch-resistant for an impressive finish. Not just that, but it’s great for use in hard water areas. It’s time to transform your oven (and those trays inside it).

    Buy now: Glass & Ceramic Hob Scraper Knife Cleaner, £9,99, Amazon

    LIUMY Extendable Feather Duster – £10.79 at Amazon

    LIUMY Extendable Feather Duster

    Image credit: LIUMY

    Unlike other dusters, this Amazon one has an impressively long pole to reach right into corners and crevices, no matter how far away or high up they may be. It’s also bendable so you can shape it to whatever you are cleaning, and it’s washable under the tap after use. Store it with ease in a drawer since it can be disassembled, or simply just hang it using the hole in the handle.

    Buy now: LIUMY Extendable Feather Duster, £10.79, Amazon

    SonicScrubber Household Electrical Cleaning Brush – £18.99 at Amazon

    SonicScrubber Household Electrical Cleaning Brush

    Image credit: SonicScrubber

    A Mrs Hinch favourite for scrubbing everything from her tiles to her floors and more, the SonicScrubber can be used in every room in your home. It comes with three different head to deep clean anything from skirting to taps and a hob, and it’s ridiculously simple to use. It’s designed to do all of the hard work for you, and it’s great for those with arthritis or anyone else who may otherwise find deep cleaning a difficult task.

    Buy now: SonicScrubber Household Electrical Cleaning Brush, £18.99, Amazon

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    We hope we have inspired you to buy some simple to use Amazon cleaning tools for your 2021 spring clean.

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