Best upholstery cleaner – 5 top buys to add to your cleaning cupboard

Buy the best upholstery cleaner to keep your sofa, rugs, curtains and more, all looking fresh and brand new
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  • Searching for the very best upholstery cleaner to add to your cleaning arsenal? Smart idea. An upholstery cleaner – especially one of these top-rated buys – has the power to remove tough and stubborn stains from everything including furniture, carpets, rugs, and even curtains.

    The majority of upholstery cleaners come in the form of a spray bottle which makes it quick and easy to target the areas you want to clean. They also don’t usually need diluting, so it’s a super simple job to spray on, wait, scrub if necessary and leave to dry.

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    So if you want to refresh your sofa, a sofa bed, your favourite armchair, or an area of carpet that’s had a spill, just keep scrolling for our five favourite options. From Astonish to Vanish and Ecover, these are our top-rated upholstery cleaners for 2021.

    What is the best upholstery cleaner?

    The best upholstery cleaner you can buy is the Astonish Premium Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo. You can use it on everything from carpets to sofas and even clothes, plus it’s vegan, cruelty-free and comes in a recyclable bottle. It also smells lovely and banishes odours – a handy bonus. Just remember to always test an upholstery cleaner on an inconspicuous area first, just in case.

    The best upholstery cleaners

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