21 of the best cleaning products, tried and tested

Deep clean your home with ease thanks to these best cleaning products. Here's exactly what you should have under your kitchen sink...

Zoflora Linen Fresh Aerosol Mist
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Armed with a few of these best cleaning products cleaning your home can be easy. You never know: your inner Mrs Hinch might come out, and you might even enjoy it thanks to these top buys. Whether your kitchen tends to get the grubbiest or it's your bathroom that you spend the most time cleaning, we're here to tell you exactly what to buy, for excellent results. We're talking shiny taps, sparkling (and scented) surfaces, shiny floors...

The best part? Each of these cleaning products have been tried, tested and loved by the Ideal Home team. Inside our real, and sometimes very messy, homes. We can report back brilliant things about each product, and there's everything from bathroom cleaners to the best upholstery cleaner and more, all featured on our list. So, whatever you are searching for you'll be rest assured to find a recommendation. And whatever you really need to clean will definitely be in safe hands.

Without further ado, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Grab your notepad or click straight through to buy these cleaning products online. Better start digging out those marigolds...

The best cleaning products to buy in 2024

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How we tested the best cleaning products 

At Ideal Home, we're serious about having hands-on experience with products before we recommend them to you, something you can read more about in our testing protocol. That's why a member of the team has tried and loved every single product on this list, and let you know why they are worth purchasing time and time again. Keep reading to find out who complied this long list of the team's absolute favourite cleaning buys.

Molly Cleary
Molly Cleary

Molly is the Ecommerce Editor for Ideal Home covering appliances, cleaning and more. She boasts a cupboard crammed full of cleaning products at home, with her favourite probably being anything from Method or Fabulosa thanks to the unbelievably incredible smells. 

To compile this round up, she asked the Ideal Home team about their cleaning must-haves, being sure to ask about eco-credentials too. 

Molly Cleary
Ecommerce Editor

After writing for all of Future's Homes titles, Molly is now an Ecommerce Editor at Ideal Home, working across a range of shopping content to find the best buys for your space. Previously, she was the Staff Writer at TopTenReviews, another Future site, where she covered home content, which to a US audience is anything from turkey fryers to ride-on lawn mowers. Now, she spends her time writing reviews of appliances she’s tested at home and at our testing facility (we're talking air fryers, vacuums, dehumidifiers and more!), as well as curating buying guides. She's a certified Consumer Expert for several product categories after passing a five-step program including hands-on experience, consumer interviews and extensive research into her specialist areas including kitchen appliances and vacuums.