I put three blind cleaning tools from Amazon through their paces on my dusty blinds - and now I’m throwing out my duster for good

Amazingly, my top pick is less than £5

Hand holding a blind cleaning brush, a duster, and a Damp Duster in front of plantation shutters
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Hands up if you have blinds in your home. And keep your hands up if dusting them is the bane of your life? Well, join the club. Although I know I should keep on top of cleaning my blinds, I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t give them as much attention as I should.

Yep, cleaning blinds is one of my most hated cleaning tasks. In my case, I have plantation shutters on five of the windows in my small Victorian terraced house, equating to 160 individual slats that need to be dusted regularly - top AND bottom. And while I can (just about) get over the fact that it takes me ages to dust them, I can’t ignore the fact that they still constantly look dusty.

But in an effort to streamline my cleaning schedule (and actually clean my blinds for once), I set out on a mission to find a product that would leave my shutters dust-free once and for all - and I definitely found it. And with Amazon Prime Day around the corner, I thought I’d share it with you, too.

The Amazon test products

Testing the Minky Hi-Tech Duster

When discussing the boring plight of blind and shutter dusting with Ideal Home’s Editor-In-Chief, Heather Young, we asked each other, ‘Do you actually need a specialist duster to dust your blinds?’ To answer this question, I started by testing a product that most people already have at their disposal: a trusty duster.

In the past, I’ve used an old duster to clean my blinds, but it just hasn’t really cut the mustard. For the most part, it just seemed to spread the dust across the surface rather than picking it up. That’s why I was excited to give a fresh, new Minky Hi-Tech Duster a run for its money.

While I’m sure there’s a nifty technique to dusting blinds or shutters with a duster, I don’t seem to have mastered it. During my test, I simply clamped the duster and the slat in my hand like a puppet and wiped it across.

Being able to dust both the topside and the underside of each slat should have allowed me to cut my cleaning time in half. However, I have freakishly small hands, so I couldn’t grab the whole slat in one. This meant I had to dust a few sections again, but this wouldn’t be a problem for people with bigger hands than me - or those with thinner blinds or shutters.

Overall, the duster picked up the dust fairly well, and when I'd finished, I could visibly see some dust on the product. If I were to be nit-picky, though, I would say that it didn’t pick up all of the dust.

Another criticism is that the whole process was still very time-consuming. As dusters go, it did what I needed it to do - but I was looking forward to trying something a little more specialist in the hopes that it would speed up the process.

Testing the Eddingtons Valet Blind And Shutter Brush

Over the years, Eddingtons has made a name for itself by offering quirky and innovative home tools. So, I was excited to test the brand’s Valet Blind And Shutter Brush - especially as Heather told me that it was the product she used.

As someone who loves nifty gadgets designed to solve very specific problems, I was immediately impressed. The four goat’s hair brushes were incredibly soft, and the tool itself was incredibly light, so I didn't have to force it over the slats.

However, I was a little disappointed to see that it was too small to dust two slats at once - a feature that would have been well worth the higher price tag.

This meant that the bottom two brushes were essentially useless while dusting my blinds. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a problem for those looking to clean their Venetian blinds, which are smaller than my plantation shutters.

Using this brush certainly seemed like a novelty, and I have to say that I enjoyed using it immensely. The brush slid over the slats as easy as pie, and it took no time at all. For those reasons alone, I would definitely keep it on hand if I wanted a quick cleaning session.

In terms of the actual dusting qualities, though, I wasn’t 100% convinced. Although I think the brushes did pick up some of the dust, I did notice residual dust left at the end of the slat - almost as though it had simply pushed it to the side.

If I was looking for a quick dust, this wouldn’t put me off. But if I was looking to give my shutters a deeper clean, I would probably have to go back over with a regular duster (or maybe even attach a crevice tool to my vacuum cleaner) to pick up that last dust pocket.

Testing the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster

The last product I tested was the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster, which was a new concept for me. Of course, I’m familiar with the Scrub Daddy brand, but the Damp Duster product was a strange contraption I had never seen before.

Upon first glance, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my favourite childhood treat: the Flump. This thought didn’t go away when I opened up the package and felt the bizarre, rippled sponge in front of me, either. And I have to admit that I almost ruled this product out before I’d even used it.

Boy, am I glad that I didn’t! The Damp Duster was by far the most effective duster of the lot, and the visible signs of dust on the product actually left me feeling pretty embarrassed. How had I let my shutters get so dusty?!

Using the product was incredibly easy, too. All you have to do is hold it under the tap, squeeze out the excess water until it's slightly damp, and wipe across the surface you want to dust.

This worked a treat for me, but it’s fair to say that the product is quite large, making me wonder how it would fare if you used it on smaller Venetian blinds. However, the brand also offers a Scrub Daddy Damp Duster Towel on Amazon as an alternative (which looks more like a flat duster but can be used in the same way).

I was so impressed with the Damp Daddy that I headed downstairs to tackle a random stain that had appeared on one of the dining room blind slats. I had been planning on cleaning it with a microfibre cloth and some Cif from Amazon, but I wondered whether the Damp Daddy and some water would do the trick instead.

Amazingly, the damp, rippled nature of the product meant that it came off in seconds. And if you’re looking to spot clean roller blinds, I’d bet anything that it would be perfect for that, too.

One of the things I both loved and hated about the Damp Daddy was that I just couldn't stop using it. Despite the shame I felt, something about seeing the dirt and grime on the sponge forced me to carry on cleaning - which is not something I've ever experienced before.

So, I made my way to the bedroom and wiped down the skirting board (which I had dusted with my old duster just a few days earlier), and I was horrified by how much dust and debris was hidden in plain sight. Before using it, it hadn't looked dusty or dirty in the slightest.

And because I obviously wanted to make myself feel even worse, I used the Damp Duster on one last surface: the window seals in my bathroom. I normally give these a wipe-over every week during my ‘big’ housework session, but it turns out that damp windows build up A LOT of grime that’s often hidden amongst the black seals.

Let’s just say that the sight of the Damp Duster was… disgusting.

The final verdict

What this test showed me is that 1) I need to clean my blinds more, 2) sometimes dusting is more about the hidden dust than the visible specks you can see, and 3) damp dusting is the way to go.

And while I wouldn’t hesitate to use the Minky Hi-Tech Duster or the Eddingtons Valet Blind And Shutter Brush again, the Scrub Daddy Damp Duster is definitely my winner. Not just for dusting my blinds, either. I would (and will) happily use this to dust and clean my whole house; it’s that good.

Sure, it didn’t exactly knock a huge amount of time off the cleaning task, but I can look past that, considering how satisfying - and embarrassing - it was to see how much hidden dirt and grime it got off my blinds.

Hand holding a blind cleaning brush, a duster, and a Damp Duster in front of plantation shutters

(Image credit: Future / Lauren Bradbury)

However, it seems as though I’m not the only one who loves the Damp Duster. This product has over 14,500 reviews on Amazon, with an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 and customers raving about its cleaning qualities.

This also shows that you don’t need to shell out your hard-earned money on specialist cleaning tools to clean your home, either. Some extremely cheap products can be used across the board for so many different cleaning tasks - and the Damp Duster is ideal for taking your cleaning to the next level.

So, if you're going to buy anything this Amazon Prime Day - make it the Damp Duster. And for just a few quid, why would you not?!

Lauren Bradbury

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