New research reveals the shocking amount we spent on homeware during lockdown

The results may not be what you expect

If you're anything like us, spending so much time at home this last year has meant we've wanted to change things up, redecorate and invest in interior items that make us happy. However, that has translated into an eye-watering amount spent on homeware in lockdown.

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We've grown tired of rooms we'd previously loved and realised that we've been putting off those DIY jobs for far too long – resulting in us looking at our homes with fresh eyes to see what needs improving and how we can make it feel inviting and welcoming when we're seeing it 24/7.

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It seems we're not alone either, as according to research conducted by shopping retailer Heal's, a whopping seven out of 10 people have spent up to £5,000 on their homes since the first lockdown! And, perhaps even more surprising, is that seven per cent of those asked have spent between £5,000 and £20,000 on home improvements in the last year. That's some serious investment going on!

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So, what do you think are the main items that homeowners are spending on? Would you have guessed that 32 per cent are splurging on redecorating, while 22 per cent are updating their outdoor spaces ready for the summer? If this sounds like you read about the best garden furniture to invest in before you buy.

It makes sense doesn't it – and we've already been feeling excited for all the new spring-summer collections that are due to launch soon, as well as getting some much-needed sunshine, of course.

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Lockdown has also shaped our interior choices with the research showing that nearly half of the people asked have chosen calming, neutral colours when it came to redecorating. Comfort is definitely key and opting for calming decor choices when life has been, for many, pretty stressful this last year, makes complete sense.

Colour can be subjective, but we've definitely seen much more neutral colour palettes become popular, as well as shades inspired by nature, such as sage green and earthy stone. If you are tempted to try a new colour palette at home head over to our green bedroom ideas gallery.

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There have been changes in our working lives too, and for many, the lines are being blurred between work and home life. As a result, 46 per cent of people asked in Heal's survey have been turning their spare bedrooms into home offices, while 18 per cent have been using dining room tables as desks and the rest giving up their living rooms or using kitchen stools as their work chairs.

'The survey results really demonstrate just how important our homes have become to us over the last 12 months,' Sabina Miller, head buyer at Heal’s. 'People are investing more, taking a more considered approach to what they choose to fill their homes with and are now prioritising how their spaces make them feel, rather than focusing on aesthetics.'

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We couldn't agree more – although all this talk of redecorating and updating has us itching for a shopping spree!

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