This gold leaf kitchen tile makeover only cost £20

This DIYer is going for gold

A DIYer has given her kitchen a totally new look by applying gold leaf to the backsplash. Kelly shared her gold leaf kitchen tile makeover on her Instagram, and it just goes to show what a difference a budget update can make.

Before, the square wall tiles in her kitchen were an inoffensive cream. Now, they catch the light beautifully while bringing a whole lot of personality to her kitchen ideas.


kitchen room with shelves on wall and plant in pots

(Image credit: @pink_ink_andsage)

Kelly's open shelves are brimming with pink Le Creuset, thrifted finds and some pretty potted plants. She had also layered wooden chopping boards and trays to add visual interest to this hardworking area of the kitchen.

After giving it a lot of thought, Kelly (who you can follow @pink_ink_andsage) decided to go for gold in her kitchen. To bring her gold kitchen tile ideas to life, she ordered some gold leaf sheets, £4.79 for 100 pieces at Amazon.

To apply the gold leaf, the interiors lover bought some gilding adhesive resin, £11.59 at Amazon. This came with two brushes and protective gloves.


kitchen room with shelves on wall

(Image credit: @pink_ink_andsage)

For less than £20, Kelly has brought colour and a feeling of glamour to her kitchen. We believe every room of the home will benefit from a touch of gold – or some kind of metallic element.

We love how the light dances on the surface of the golden tiles. They also create a focal point.

Kelly is updating her kitchen in stages to make it more manageable and avoid creating too much mess. Sharing the gold leaf kitchen tile makeover with her followers, she says, 'Phase one started and I love it 🥰 like absolutely love it.

room with plant in pots and tiled walls

(Image credit: @pink_ink_andsage)

'I had my reservations but I know with the cabinets painted it’s going to look AMAZING,' Kelly adds.

The thrifty DIYer says that she was ready to rip the tiles down and start again, but we think she's really made the most of the existing tiles by giving them a gold revamp. Have you been inspired by this gold leaf kitchen tile makeover?

Millie Hurst
Senior Content Editor

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