Best Black Friday microwave deals 2020 – great limited offers on a kitchen essential

Need a new microwave? Look no further as we reveal the best deals ahead of Black Friday
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  • Thinking about ditching your dated microwave for a shiny new appliance? Now is the perfect time with plenty of savings to be had in the Black Friday sales. Get ahead of the deal hunters with these great Black Friday microwave deals.

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    For over 45 years, domestic microwaves have been sold in the UK, soon becoming a kitchen essential for millions of homes. Whether you’re putting on some popcorn, making a last-minute snack or feeding a force of hungry kids, you need a microwave that’s dependable, affordable and that suits the style of your kitchen.

    With Black Friday just around the corner, we reveal some of the best microwave deals on the market.

    Best Black Friday microwave deals 2020 – quick links

    Best Black Friday Amazon microwave deals 2020

    Panasonic NN-E28JMMBPQ Compact Solo Microwave: was £79.99, now £69

    Embracing its Japanese roots, Panasonic has designed this microwave taking inspiration from “Washoku” – the nation’s passion for precision. That’s what you get here, with nine cooking programmes ensuring that any meal is cooked perfectly.

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    Russell Hobbs RHM2064C Heritage Digital Microwave: was £129.99, now £69.99

    With a mirror door finish, this microwave has a 20-litre capacity, making it compact enough to fit in any kitchen. But it can feed a number of people quickly, as its 800 watts of power can heat up, defrost or cook any meal your family wants.

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    Russell Hobbs RHM2076S Compact Microwave: was £79.99, now £69.38
    This is a 20-litre microwave with 800 watts of power, so will comfortably cook any meal. With five microwave power levels to choose from, you can tailor your cooking temperature to cook a variety of foods and recipes. And with a child safety lock option, you can rest easy when the kids are in the kitchen.

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    As the nation is under a widespread lockdown, online shopping is a quick, convenient and affordable way of getting your shopping during the pandemic. Amazon is a reliable, trusted e-commerce retailer that has associations with some of the biggest kitchen and electronic brands, a great place for a new microwave.

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    Very often, Amazon will have lots of microwaves on a discount, usually higher than 10% off. And if you sign up for Amazon Prime, fridge freezers available on the service come with free express delivery.


    Best Black Friday microwave deals 2020

    Samsung MS23K3513AK 23 Litre Microwave: Was £110, Now £79
    Save £20 when you pick up this Samsung microwave in the Black Friday sale. Its 23 litre capacity makes it a great choice for small households. However, it has a mighty 800 Watt power output. There are 20 programmes to chose from to help cook your food to perfection. It also features an Eco Mode that uses 40 per cent less energy than a conventional microwave when in standby – even better news for your wallet.

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    Hisense H25MOBS7HUK 25 Litre Microwave: was £109, now £79
    This Hisense has a 25-litre capacity and a 31.5cm turntable that’ll easily fit larger dinner plates.With 900 watts of power, your dishes will be evenly cooked. The easy-to-use touch controls will come in handy if you’re heating something up after a night out.

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    Hoover HMCI25TB-UK 25 Litre Combination Microwave Oven: was £249, now £149

    This handy combo acts as both a microwave and a convection oven, giving you so many more options for mealtimes. Its 25-litre capacity and 27cm turntable means it can cook lots of food quickly. And this microwave oven comes with an Price Match Promise, which means you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else. For £100 off, this is an absolute steal.

    View Deal has nearly been around as long as its online retail rival Amazon, having been founded in 2000.

    Like Amazon, it has thousands of tech and electrical products to choose from, including the latest smart tech and TVs, to all-singing, all-dancing washing machines, fridges and ovens. Unlike Amazon though, is purely an electrical and appliance retailer, meaning that is has in-depth, expert knowledge on all its products.

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    Plus, has its own recycling plant that sustainably gets rid of your old appliances. So not only do you get a new appliance, but you save yourself a trip to the recycling centre!

    Best Black Friday Robert Dyas microwave deals 2020

    Candy CMXG22DW 22L Microwave and Grill: was £147.99, now £69.99

    This space-saving microwave and grill is compact enough to fit in smaller kitchens and is ideal for cooking one or two portions. And if you’re struggling for recipe ideas, this purchase comes with the Candy CookIn app, so you’ll never be short of culinary inspiration.

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    Sharp YC-MG02U-S 20L 800W Digital Touch Control Microwave: was £89.99, now £69.99

    Meant for the modern family, this  Sharp Digital Touch Control Microwave wouldn’t look out of place in the 22nd Century. This versatile combi microwave handles 800W of microwave power, with 11 power levels and eight automatic cooking programmes.

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    Hotpoint MWH101B Cook 20L Manual Microwave Oven: was £79.99, now £59.99

    With 700 Watts of microwaving power, and easy–to–use mechanical dial controls, this impressive manual microwave allows you to effortlessly select between 6 power levels, and make every mealtime a success.

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    This longstanding British and Irish retailer has an amazing history that stems back as far as 140 years!

    Founded in 1872 by – you guessed it – Robert Dyas, the store started life as an ironmonger, but soon expanded into retail shops across the nation, delivering the best products, service and advice possible.

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    Now owned by former Dragons’ Den star Theo Paphitis, Robert Dyas boasts an extensive selection of products from some of the world’s most famous brands and exciting new start-ups.

    Best Black Friday Currys microwave deals 2020

    Kenwood K25MB20 Solo Microwave: was £170, now £69.99
    With a 25-litre capacity, this versatile microwave has plenty of space to prepare your meal. 900 W of power ensures it can reheat some tasty leftovers, cook a ready meal, make some popcorn or defrost meat in a quick-fire time.

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    Samsung MS23K3515AS/EU Solo Microwave: was £149, now £79
    With multiple auto cooking functions, this microwave does all the heavy lifting for you. It also comes with an Eco Mode to lower the amount of standby power the microwave uses. This helps you cut down on your household bills, just in time for the busy Christmas period.

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    Kenwood K25MSS11 Solo Microwave: was £170, now £79.99
    This Kenwood is 50% off – an absolute bargain. The K25MSS11 boasts a 25-litre capacity and has a maximum microwave power of 900W. With its wide design and easy-to-open door, it gives you plenty of space to perfect your meal.

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    Why are microwaves so important?

    Along with shoulder pads and mullet haircuts, microwave ovens suffered a fall from grace since their 1980s heyday. But its 2020 and now microwaves are a firm favourite in families kitchens up and down the country, this time for all the right reasons.

    Crisp on the outside, moist on the inside and cooked in a flash – microwave food is a far cry from the dry, burnt mishaps that used to emerge. Now you can expect golden roast chicken, fluffy rice, moist cakes, smoothly melted chocolate and perfectly refreshed leftovers – no wonder, then, that almost three out of four us say that we couldn’t live without our microwave.

    What microwave should I buy?

    Freestanding models are the most popular as you can just plug and play, but take up worktop space, so if that’s at a premium, consider a built-in model. It will need to be professionally installed but often has more features. Whatever configuration you go for, however, it will be a big step up from the models of old.

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    You can also get combo microwaves, for example, ones that come with convection ovens. So if you feel like you rely on your microwave most days for meals, a combination microwave may be worth looking into.

    Are microwaves expensive?

    It really depends on what you’re in the market for. If you’re looking for a non-essential, quick and easy cooker to heat up your soup every day, then you could get away with buying a cheaper model, which you can shop around and get for as low as £30.

    But if you need a quality, long-lasting microwave that comes with a host of helpful features, sleek and modern design features and helpful extras like warranty and free delivery, then consider flashing the cash.

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    And during sales periods and seasonal holidays like Black Friday and the Christmas holidays, you will find many a microwave at a discounted price!

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