The modern marble replica that's got everyone talking

Get a champagne interior on a lemonade budget with these luxe and utterly convincing faux marble tiles

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t have failed to notice that marble has become the most lusted-after finish to use in kitchens and bathrooms.

Long associated with opulence and luxury, real marble has never been a budget-friendly option for the average home decorator.

legato tile in polished finish

(Image credit: Future PLC/Terry Cliff)

Buy now: Legato Tile in polished finish, 20 x 80cm, £7.99 per tile or £49.99 sq m

As a natural material, marble takes thousands of years and the perfect set of geological circumstances to meld limestone with the gorgeous oxides and crystals that give each piece its own unique patina.

Add to that the huge expense of mining, polishing and transporting such heavy stone, and it’s suddenly obvious why the real deal will always be reassuringly expensive.

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legato tile in matt

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Buy now: Legato Tile in matt, 20 x 80cm, £7.99 per tile or £49.99 sq m

Fortunately for us non-millionaires, Topps Tiles have developed faux-marble tile that cleverly replicates the natural patterns of real stone. The Legato porcelain floor and wall tile combines the look of three classic marble types to provide a striking effect.

With the delicate, feathery veining of Carrara, the more distinctive patterns of Calacatta and the bold, dramatic look of Statuario, it’s a savvy way to get the marble look for less than £50 per square metre.

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web legato tile Kitchen cameo

(Image credit: Future PLC/Terry Cliff)