How Buckingham Palace would look with a modern makeover

Imagine Changing Rooms, the Royal edition...
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  • With The Queen’s London residence currently just two years into a 10-year planned refurbishment, costing an eye-watering £369 million, we’re all on tenterhooks for the big reveal come 2027.

    And while most of this money is being spent on updating the electrics, plumbing and heating, imagine instead how Buckingham Palace would look with a modern makeover. If the money was spent on paint, wallpaper and a little help from Handy Andy instead.

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    Luckily for us, the clever team at new home builder David Wilson Homes, have reimagined one of the most iconic rooms at the royal palace for us.

    The White Drawing Room, the very place our Monarch is known to deliver her annual Christmas speech gets four transformations.

    And they really are quite something…

    Image credit: Getty/WPA Pool/Pool

    The White Drawing Room as it is now, during the Queen’s speech.

    For those not familiar with the rooms current style, it can only be described as grand, with golden guilted cornicing and glittering, crystal chandeliers. The carpet features a rather garish, yet traditional pattern, and the accessories, are well, priceless heirlooms.

    But what if Liz went for a more on-trend Scandi approach?…

    Imaging a Buckingham Palace modern makeover

    Buckingham Palace modern makeover in grey

    Image credit: David Wilson Homes

    With a focus on minimalism and simplicity, neutral shades of white and grey, allow mustard yellows and rich blacks to really pop. While natural materials like wood and wicker take centre stage.

    We’re thinking maybe Meghan and Harry might enjoy this more subdued look. The oversized pom-pom lights hung above providing great for entertaining little Archie.

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    Or, perhaps Charles and Camilla might want to re-decorate when the time finally arrives for them to move in as ruling monarchs?

    Buckingham Palace modern makeover in black and gold

    Image credit: David Wilson Homes

    This indulgent Art Deco style just oozes glamour and sophistication but feels a little bit naughty too, just like the cheeky Prince of Wales himself. With velvet upholstery, mirrored surfaces and statement metallic lighting, it’s a far cry from the Palace’s usual look.

    Could Kate & Will have a bash at a more family-friendly style?…

    Buckingham Palace modern makeover in leafy green

    Image credit: David Wilson Homes

    This eclectic, botanical-style makeover features a leafy print wallpaper, forest green paintwork and sumptuous leather chesterfield sofas, perfect for Sunday afternoon boxset sessions. With plants bringing a touch of the outside in, and raw brick walls adding a rustic touch, this is our favourite reincarnation of this regal room.

    And finally, perhaps when it’s Prince George’s time to take to the throne, he’ll go for a more futuristic style?…

    Buckingham Palace modern makeover in futuristic white

    Image credit: David Wilson Homes

    Somehow we can’t quite see this one going down so well with the Royal household. But by 2027 who knows what the latest interior style might be?

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    So which one of these looks would you go for?

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