Mrs Hinch's favourite Minky cloth gets a Christmas makeover...bag yours quick before they sellout!

Add some festive magic to your seasonal hinching session

The countdown to Christmas is on. Make your next cleaning session a bit more festive with the new Christmas edition Minky cloth.

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If you are an established Hincher, with your own Narnia under the kitchen sink, then the Minky cloth needs no introduction. However, for the uninitiated, the Minky cloth is the anti-bacterial cleaning pad that shot to fame as clean-influencer, Mrs Hinch's (aka Sophie Hinchliffe) must-have cleaning cloth.

Christmas Minky cloth

christmas minky cloth

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When the cleaning guru revealed her love of the Minky cloth, or as she calls it 'mink-eh' on social media, it flew off the shelves and even sold out online. The cleaning pad became the surprise must-have item of the year – customer's even had to be rationed to buying just three at a time in some stores.

The iconic Minky cloth even inspired Mrs Hinch's genius Halloween costume – when she dressed up as Mrs Hinch-eh.

However, just when we thought the Minky cloth crush had started to subsided, B&M unveiled the new festive design on Instagram.

Mrs Hinch fans were going wild for the new festive Minky update. When B&M posted a shot of the cloth with the caption: 'Get your winter Minky on!! ❄️,' it quickly clocked up 9,533 likes and 890 comments.

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Eager members of the Hinch Army were tagging fellow hincher's, desperate to get there hands on the snowflake patterned cloth.

'Too far girls??? Never itsss Christmas 😂👌🏻' joked one fan.

'Ooo I must get one x' commented another shopper.

One Mrs Hinch fan showed her excitement with two open-mouthed emojis, commenting: 'Winter Minky 😮😮'

The Minky cloth has earned its reputation as a hard-working cleaning tool – it is Mrs Hinch approved after all. The M Cloth claims to be a powerful high-density microfibre anti-bacterial cleaning pad.

b and m minky mcloth

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Costing £2.49 at B&M, the cloths is dual sided, with a scourer on one side and microfibre on the other. It boosts non-scratch technology and anti-bacterial protection.

Mrs Hinch opts to use her Minky in place of a generic sponge, using it with everything from the now famous 'The Pink Stuff' and Flash spray, to keep her bathroom and kitchen pristine.

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Will you be rushing to B&M to pick up a new Minky in time for Christmas?

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